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  1. how far do you go for your pet?

    I only had Turbo cat for 4 months and I ended up spending close to $1,000 the poor guy when he broke a tooth. He's all better now - but one fang less.
  2. Plastic Tomorrow (Thursday)

    Slim pickins for partners this week. Anyone free to hit a gym tomorrow - I have a membership at VW but would be willing to check out SG too. Shoot me a PM if you are game.
  3. Smith - Thursday or Friday?

    Well, I can belay up to 5.14 What's it gonna be?
  4. Smith - Thursday or Friday?

    I've got friends heading down to Smith this weekend, but it's actually my week to be a slacker and I can head down earlier. That is if I can line some partners up. . . Anyone free to climb Thursday or Friday?
  5. I'm Ken4ord Dammit

    Yeah yeah yeah, that's what they all say
  6. Shoulder problem survey

    I get to test my gimp shoulder out tomorrow after a month of playing with soup cans, rubber bands, pillows and light weights. Yes, I've been in PT for a scapular imbalance and a impinged bicep tendon. Wish me luck.
  7. Bizarre PMs

    Haven't you learned - climbing girls from Boston don't really exist!!!
  8. 06/06/06

    Well its 676 now . . . I will have brain storm for the next one. Will probably be after BBQ season!
  9. 06/06/06

    Thanks Miss Minx . . . your PVC duck would have fit right in. I had 20 people show - on a Tuesday!!! Go figure!
  10. 06/06/06

    "you must be half devil half angel" I think that fits - I had a friend say my attempts at goth were "cute goth!"
  11. 06/06/06

    I actually looked at it as an excuse to have a bash - everyone got their goth garb on, listened to ACDC, watched zombie movies and ate deviled eggs, shrimp fra diablo and devil dogs for dessert. Any excuse for a party ;-)
  12. BC Weather Predictions

    The weather forecast for Skaha last weekend sucked: 30 - 60% chance of rain . . . but we had a cabin rented so went anyway. So glad we did - didn't rain until 4:00 on Saturday so we got a lot of climbing in and then it was gorgeous on Sunday. Was hard to leave for the drive back!!! So roll the dice and go!
  13. Moving to the Great Pacific Northwest!

    I moved to Seattle almost exactly 3 years ago and had a lot of luck finding an apartment on Craig's List http://seattle.craigslist.org/. I also put a posting up there asking people who were familiar with Boston (where I moved from) and Seattle to help me compare neighborhoods. I got some great feedback and it helped me search for a place to live, having no other clue about Seattle neighborhoods. I moved to West Seattle last October. I also work South of Seattle and my commute is about 10 - 15 minutes. I also have great access to 90 which is sweet when you're heading out climbing. It's a quick shot to downtown too. Really it's fantastic. Shoot me a PM if you want more West Seattle info (although I haven't lived there that long). Welcome to the 'Hood!
  14. stone gardens

    You should check out my posting for a Vertical World partner from last week - seems like a bunch of folks who climb at SG piped up then. I am at VW (usually Tuesday/Thursdays) if you want a change of scene. B
  15. VW (Seattle) Plastic Tonight

    Hey there - Tues/Thurs are my standard nights too. I am sure we've seen each other. I was there with a bunch of people last night (I was wearing black and have long redhair). Will be there Thursday too!