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  1. I only had Turbo cat for 4 months and I ended up spending close to $1,000 the poor guy when he broke a tooth. He's all better now - but one fang less.
  2. Slim pickins for partners this week. Anyone free to hit a gym tomorrow - I have a membership at VW but would be willing to check out SG too. Shoot me a PM if you are game.
  3. Well, I can belay up to 5.14 What's it gonna be?
  4. I've got friends heading down to Smith this weekend, but it's actually my week to be a slacker and I can head down earlier. That is if I can line some partners up. . . Anyone free to climb Thursday or Friday?
  5. Yeah yeah yeah, that's what they all say
  6. I get to test my gimp shoulder out tomorrow after a month of playing with soup cans, rubber bands, pillows and light weights. Yes, I've been in PT for a scapular imbalance and a impinged bicep tendon. Wish me luck.
  7. Haven't you learned - climbing girls from Boston don't really exist!!!
  8. ClimbingGirl33


    Well its 676 now . . . I will have brain storm for the next one. Will probably be after BBQ season!
  9. ClimbingGirl33


    Thanks Miss Minx . . . your PVC duck would have fit right in. I had 20 people show - on a Tuesday!!! Go figure!
  10. ClimbingGirl33


    "you must be half devil half angel" I think that fits - I had a friend say my attempts at goth were "cute goth!"
  11. ClimbingGirl33


    I actually looked at it as an excuse to have a bash - everyone got their goth garb on, listened to ACDC, watched zombie movies and ate deviled eggs, shrimp fra diablo and devil dogs for dessert. Any excuse for a party ;-)
  12. The weather forecast for Skaha last weekend sucked: 30 - 60% chance of rain . . . but we had a cabin rented so went anyway. So glad we did - didn't rain until 4:00 on Saturday so we got a lot of climbing in and then it was gorgeous on Sunday. Was hard to leave for the drive back!!! So roll the dice and go!
  13. I moved to Seattle almost exactly 3 years ago and had a lot of luck finding an apartment on Craig's List http://seattle.craigslist.org/. I also put a posting up there asking people who were familiar with Boston (where I moved from) and Seattle to help me compare neighborhoods. I got some great feedback and it helped me search for a place to live, having no other clue about Seattle neighborhoods. I moved to West Seattle last October. I also work South of Seattle and my commute is about 10 - 15 minutes. I also have great access to 90 which is sweet when you're heading out climbing. It's a quick shot to downtown too. Really it's fantastic. Shoot me a PM if you want more West Seattle info (although I haven't lived there that long). Welcome to the 'Hood!
  14. You should check out my posting for a Vertical World partner from last week - seems like a bunch of folks who climb at SG piped up then. I am at VW (usually Tuesday/Thursdays) if you want a change of scene. B
  15. Hey there - Tues/Thurs are my standard nights too. I am sure we've seen each other. I was there with a bunch of people last night (I was wearing black and have long redhair). Will be there Thursday too!
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