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  1. bump bump bump...whats the good word
  2. Climb: torment-forbidden traverse- Date of Climb: 8/7/2006 Trip Report: Its still good to go....traverse is mostly ice... moats and shrunds are manageable Pretty classic route in a cascades sort of way Gear Notes: should of had a screw or two
  3. Anyone here done this route? Suggestions on gear? Thanks, Nick
  4. BUMP>>BUMP>>>BUMP you know you have wanted it for years, now's the time....meet me in vegas.... Epinephrine
  5. Hey everyone! I will be heading back to the PNW in a few days, and would be stoked to meet at Red Rocks for a Nice dosing of EPINEPHRINE>you know you have been wanting some of that shit for years Send me a pm Nick
  6. Partner needed for this Friday through the following friday. Need to climb some ice
  7. Val Kilmer tearing it up down south...... two thumbs up fer shizzy
  8. Was there about three weeks ago, when the weather was pretty freaking cold, and had a good time on: Olive Oil Frogland Tunnel Vision Dark Shadows Geronimo Prince of Darkness Neither my partner or I was cold at any of the belays, and had a great time climbing and linking moderates for nice full days of mellow classic climbing. Redrocks is a blast this time of year, cause there is no crowds
  9. Any of you have short term health insurance? Who would you reccomend that is cheap, and good?
  10. Erik and Mike, You guys should both carry honor proudly for your un-dying dedication to life and the possiblities it holds. Glad you are finding adventure and partnership in the dark
  11. Thats funny, we just tried to put up a new route on shaqsha about 4 days ago...Burros are the shit, fuck porters. We failed after 1500 feet of rock and 400 feet of ice...but summitted chopi today. Glad to hear you summitted the nw face, that has seen few ascents in the last few years due to serac danger and route finding issues. the weather sur eis dependable around here, and it is huaripapa..LOL
  12. If anyone is ever traveling through Denver on some fancy climbing adventure, there is a killer gear shop located right off I-25. The deals are amazing, the gear is bomber, and the shop is run by cool climbers. Mountain Exchange.
  13. Yeah, I have found that heating a pair of tweezers/plyers/knives, and then pinch/pulling them out is the most efficient for me. They come out just like butter. Of course, I have never experienced the joy of a woman pulling a tick out with her teeth Maybe i need to beat around in the bush a bit more often
  14. we counted 30 ticks between 4 of us for a trip this season into prussik. Only 2-3 actually bit into us though. They were in all the gear, so for the next few weeks, we were finding ticks periodically.
  15. Peace out Tex, I hear there are two proffessions currently that have un-beleivable demand, don't require a PHD, and pay very well. Nursing, and pharmaceuticals. And of course Redrocks is just a 15 minute drive. Have a good trip
  16. I fall on the green alien more than all the other pieces I own combined. I have taken many 10-15' on that piece, and it has never pulled(knock on wood). The aliens are so nice, because you can slide it in, and feel the friction between the soft metal and the rock, knowing that you have good surface area on smaller placements. I ripped a blue alien in the tuff a few weeks back. That sonofabitch shot out and hit me square in the forehead. Luckily I had a beanie doubled up to protect myself. Also took a good sized fall on the #4 hex as my first trad lead...Moonshine dihedral with non other than senior Layton. Mikey, tell your story about the sword, and the loss of fingernails
  17. Average Joe's Very modest indeed. Great TR and pics. Judging from Jim's exploits in the menagerie, he has had a great deal of experience dealing with questionable rock. Thanks for sharing
  18. A buddy of mine climbs almost exclusively on Hexes. The funny thing is he dresses and acts like Clint Eastwood in the eiger sanction. It is great to watch him on 5.9+ lay back flakes, trying deperatly to throw a hex in. After about 10 tries, he starts to get so fucking pumped, and the last piece is 20+ feet down, cause they take so long to place. He starts really sketching out, and usually barely averts serious injury. fuck hexes, sack up and whip on cams.
  19. Excellent work on the route! We were up there attempting the NBC on Colchuck on Friday, and were just missed by a wet slide. Serpintine surely looked more interesting in its current conditions than later in the summer, and a lot of shit was falling off Luckily on Sunday, we got off the condorphamine addiction early, and were tent bound during the hail storm. What was that like up there??? p.s. that huge ass track down the colchuck glacier was ours
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