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  1. July First and still gettin some fab booty runs. So I have to ask is this counted as 07/08 or startin out 08/09? Either way, a quick 3.5 mile bike ride leads to the base of the S-coulior. about 2K vert, bootpackin straight up sweet cream corn. 3.5 hours house to house after a mean 4 hour work day of milking it. does life get any better, only if I didnt forget the beer?
  2. Selling my 06/07 T1's, and 07/08 BD 01 bindings with ridstiff cartridges. the boot size is a brand new never been molded 28 liner. I am changing to AT and am getting same sized scarpa AT boots so i will change out the liner and give you the new one. the boot has only minor wear and is in great condition. The bindings are in perfect condition, great for touring with the free swing option. I can get pictures soon, just not now and would prefer a local buyer in anchorage but can ship it as well for the cost of shipping. 450 for both. I would also consider selling the skis they are attached to which are the 193 BD zealots. perfect shape, just a little bumps and bruises, and of course the skins matched to them. the whole set up has had mabye 25-30 days on them, all backcountry. i havent made up my mind on selling the skis but i would want to try to get about 550 for those, with skins if I did. later, thad
  3. sorry, i have been driving around the usa and am nowhere near any of my stuff, or do i get a chance to get online much. most of the stuff has been sold or has been called for but i can drop you a line in april when i am home and have figured it all out. thanks
  4. the conditioner lets the wood take the stain much better. with pine expecially it comes out very blotchy and uneven if you dont use it. for a super mega silky smooth finish use a polyurethane or spar varnish (my favorite) for 2 coats with a quality brush or foam brush then sand with a 400 grit wet sand paper (spray bottle and wet sand paper) then another light coat and another wet sand. the only problem is if you sand too much it makes a white film that might show up on the dark burned area, but it should wipe off. if it dosent just a very light coat of poly at the very end will hide it. this is the finish i use on trim, except i use a sprayer and not a brush, and it turns out so un-belively smooth, yet still feels like wood and not a plastic feel of too thick of a poly finish. hope this helps and this is of course just my method to the madness, and in no way should you or anyone take this as the only way.
  5. WOW! Amazing work. I am closing down my construction buisness because of a move and when I set up shop again in the new state this is the exact things I am planing to do. Your pics get me excited to get back to work and truly inspire my work by thinking outside the box. I would love to see more pics and maby ask you some questions (buisness wise) sometime soon. thad.
  6. Moving to a far off land and need to streamline my stuff. Silveretta 404's the mid size my 9.5 foot sized climbing boots fit perfectly. some screws missing but a ski shop has lots. $60 Older crispi tele boots, size 10. I am in SLC right now so it would be best it you cold try them on here. $50 Mountain Heardwear 4th demention sync bag -20 degs. nice bag for cold trips. survived open bivies in the alaska range many times. got the crazy legs things for more space inside. little on the heavy side and dosent compress that nice but for cold temps it is nice. $50 Rei cyclops bivy. 3layer goretex, no holes, still very waterproof, and bomber. comes with bug net thing. what was up with that head hole thing anyways?$40 misc, aid gear from my aid days. 4 bd aiders 5 and 6 step, misty wall sling/chest harness, grigi, almost new wall hammer, utility biners, like 3 sets of hexes???? (how did i get that many) and hooks. 4 cam hooks (2med, 2 lg) tallons, cliffhangers, they are in the pics. ball nutz and some booty cams and things that just happend to be in the picture that i will throw in with the stuff for free. there are other things in there that i will throw in like the chest sling and hangers and rap rings and stuff for free. make offer on any or all things. And. Pika single light weight portaledge with fly, works great. the fly kinda sucks and i dont have a picture of it because i was just too lazy to set it up but the ledge is nice. befere i would use it again i would have somebody replace the buckles with nicer metal cam buckles but other than that it rocks. $75 pictured with fly bag and in carrying bag. I am in utah for the next couple weeks so things can be shipped easily. I have references on this site for trustworthiness if there is any doubt, thanks Thad.
  7. I thought it read "SpoonMe" Actually it reads "RU18QT" I have been around, just flying under the radar, training for some super secret things.
  8. Trip: Rainer - Liberty Ridge Triathalon Date: 5/5/2007 Trip Report: "Your idea is WAYYYYYY more stupid than ours!" the guys in the parkinglot said to us as we mentioned our plans. What, whats wrong with lib ridge right now, as we were standing in the parkinglot at the north east side gate, 12 miles from the usual start. So we were off, myself, Lewis Rogers, and Emily Chang, biking the long up hill to Rainer. A couple hours later we were at the whiteriver campground where we had a cinco de mayo party or chips, salsa, and margarita shot blocks. After camping there we hit the trail up to glacier basin where everybody said "the trail is a mess." It is not that bad, not even close to really bad. You cant get lost, you have a creek on one side and a big hill on the other, just go in between them. We had snowshoes on and they turned out to be the one esential gear on the trip. With out them we would have never been able to make it. The snow up there was DEEP slush,even with snowshoes it was hard. After making it up to glacier basin emily wasent feeling up to par with climbing the route so we traded gear around and myself and Lewis headed up to Elmo pass where we stayed the night because the glacier was a complete whiteout. The upper mountain was totally covered in clouds and when we did ge a peek it was raging with winds, not a good sign. We woke to calm blue skies the next morning and headed across the glaciers to the Carbon where we realized we traversed way high and had to loose some elevation to get to the steep chute down to the Carbon. The rest of the way to the thumb was pretty uneventfull, just hard slush postholing. We woke early to get some cold temps but they just werent there, just a thin layer of crust but soon found some good boilerplate that let us make some good elevation. Then the snow hit, really deep powder, then the clouds came. The last 1000 feet were some of the most tiring climbing I have ever done. At the top where you go through the seracks, it was waist deep powder, and bieng the first ones up there this year, we were the ones breaking trail. It would take us 5 minutes to do 10 steps, not exactly the fastes conditions. On top of that we couldnt see a thing becasuse of the whiteout and none of up had even been up Rainer before. After hours of sloging we made it past the final ice band and knew if we went up till we find a ridge then take that ridge till a summit we would be on the lib crest. well we could barly see the other person on the rope, only 80 feet out, and we hit some crevases so we dicided to take a break and see if the weather clears. We took a quick nap then about 30 minutes later we got a quick break in the clouds, and what do you know, we were sitting about 10 feet from the lib cap summit, too funny. The weather cleared a little bit and we beat it to the Emmons where we started the long walk home with 50mph winds hammering us all the way across the top. Pics coming when I find a computer that takes a memory stick Approach Notes: bike............use them snowshoes.......very important trail...........not bad Climbing........nice bootpack
  9. Damn i miss that place. Make the Churros to Ice Cream shop to El Horno's for calzones loop for me. I think the record "Churro's on a rest day" was 8.
  10. Climb: Ranrapalca-N.spurr Date of Climb: 8/01/2005 Trip Report: Yea, i know it is kind of a late one but I have been bored lately so here goes. At the end of the trip last year we had about a week till the flight home and there were a few mountains i still wanted to climb. I actually wanted to head over to the coast for a week of surfing before heading back to the states, but 2 guys from sweden i met climbing down there wanted to hit up a hard route as well. Martin Errikson and Erik Martinson (yea, i wish, that would be cool) actually there real names were Martin Errikson and Erik Rodesjo (with 2 dots over the O) were down for the north facee of ranrapalca, sweet, we were out of town the next day. After a whilel you get used to truly CRAZY drivers down there but we had the most SUICIDAL taxi driver EVER on that trip to the mountain. this guy would drive in the wrong lane on corners and play chicken with tour buses, all the time with this crazy laughter and nutty look in his eyes. After surviving that trip we knew that climbing would be the easy part. we camped out for the night in the ishinka basecamp and took our time up to the col right before the north face where we had an open bivvy right on the glacier at 17,000 feet. it was looking like it was going to be a butt ass cold night and Erik, who lives 100 miles north of the artic circle in sweeden commented "AHHH i cant wait to get back to sweden where it is nice and cold" What? your nuts. anyways we were scoping out the routes and they were all heavily melted out. i was up in this valley about 5 weeks before and the difference were huge. what was once a full snow climb was now a mixed rock and snow route. furthermore it was one huge rockfall. we were planning on the north face proper, the scandanavian route but it was a funnel of rockfall from above so we decided on the north spur. a harder route with more rock climbing but less exposure except at the bottom, when sure enough, a serac/rockfall ripped down the lower gully, the access to the upper face. I commented that we should go really fast through there. So we went to sleep and hoped for the best. our alarms went of and we were on the slopes at midnight. we planned to lead it in blocks i would take the first "pitch" through the funnel rockband, under the serack and to the second rockband. it went fine through the rock section pounding pins and climbing in crampons till the serac. we were on Very thin ice with water running under and the HUGE cliff right under us. We just barley made it through when there was some ice fall behind us and we didnt realy want to go back down the route. Erik took the next pitch of steep rock. i fell asleep in the early morning darkness and when i woke up he was back down with the rope coming from his highpoint about 70 feet above. he couldnt link the last 50 or so feet and was lowered down by his belayer Martin. Martin said that he isnt as good at rock as erik and didnt want the pitch. I took the pitch and barley scratched some progress throught the bomber granite and about colapsed when i got back to the ice and snow. Rock climbing is really really tough at 19,000 feet and i was wasted. Higher up on the face we ran into over head penetentes, the hardest thing i have ever moved through. you had to wack them down with your tools and crawl your ass over them. we got to the top and there was a summit rock band (before the huge plateau) that martin lead. it was one of the best positions i have ever been it. truly stunning. steep easy rock 20,000 feet, and a major summit. We got to the top and thats when all the fun started. it took us 12 hours to go up and we headed over the North East side. it took us 14 hours down because of the snow bieng extremely out of shape, steep loose rock 15+ rappels to get to the glacier over over hanging cliffs onetime bieng to the very end of the rope on a loose boulder. when we got the the small glacier below we were then really lost with many dead ends and cliff when we barley found a way into a crevass and ice climbed our way out then we couldnt see anything because it got dark. we were still at about 19,000 feet when the darkness came and we stumbled our ass down for more rappels, next to waterfalls and all sorts of fun obsticals till we finally reached the ishinka glacier where it wasent over yet. we got crevassed out and and had to head up hill to ishinka almost up to the top, just to get around the crevass that was blocking us and onto the main cattle trail of the mountain. We finnally crawled back to camp through the boulderfields and back to camp where our alarm clocks went off from the night before to tell us to get going. 24 hours on the go. heading down Erik told me that he was so tired at the end going through the boulder fields that he would fall asleep at the many rest stops and would think "they cant tell i am sleeping, i have my sunglasses on" we hiked down and 2 days later i was back in the states in the same old rut working 40 hours a day till this day. The route up was just to the right of the large gully in the middle of the face, route down was on the left in the sun, and camp was a the pass in the lower right. Approach Notes: taxi, burrows,
  11. what did Davy Crocket say when he walked outside at the Alamo?? . . . . . . . "where did all these landscapers come from" no need to send hatemail, i wont read it
  12. Ever had you truck broken into by one of those little shits? I got back from a mountain and my buddie yells "Woa, there is a squirrle in your truck. It was chilling on the dash. When i came to see it went into hiding. When i opened the door it came flying out, wish i knew it was right there so i could have stomped it. He chewed its way through both transmision shift gaskets to get in thenfound a oatmeal bar that i didnt know was even in there. now i got a big hole in the middle of my truck that i can watch pavement go by through till i fix it.
  13. nope, i am in town now. just been working too much. i am always down for a drink, when and where. unfortunatly my last batch of homebrew messed up in the fermenting or we could have a big one at my house. sad to see 10 gallons of unfermented stout go down the drain, thursday is sweet, i dont have work friday. by the way thursdays are free concerts in the park, david grisman is playing there this thursday.
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