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  1. sold! Arc’teryx Psiphon FL Hoody, Men’s size L

    I sent you a message regarding the jacket -Jonathan
  2. Found @ Beacon: Sunglasses

    If you can describe them, I will make sure they get home to you. They were under the south face near the second tunnel. Jonathan
  3. Shout out to Metolius

    I just got my reslung and cleaned cams back from Metolius. As in the past, they did a stellar job. The action is perfect. The new slings have dated tags on them. The customer service was top notch. Plus they are super shiny now. I just though I should share my very positive experience with them. -Jonathan
  4. Bugaboo-Snowpatch Col Conditions

    Just got back yesterday. Parties were going up and rapping down multiple times a day. One man got evac-ed because of a rock hitting his leg on the way down. That said, it seemed like rockfall was almost exclusively climber generated. Folks were generally being very cautious, considerate, and patient which was excellent.
  5. Can any of you fine folks give me a current report for the Bugaboo-Snowpatch Col? Thanks, Jonathan
  6. 3 routes in 6 days in the Enchantments

    I sent you a message as well. Best, Jonathan
  7. Applauding risk acceptance beyond your own limits

    I teach a composition course to high school freshmen, and, as an assignment, they write an argumentative essay addressing the following prompt: Is is possible for climbers/mountaineers to make climbing a safer activity. Almost none of them have any direct experience with climbing. Most know almost nothing about it all. I provide them with data from Accidents in North American Mountaineering, a selection from Lynn Hill's autobiography, an article about the OES tragedy on Hood, and a video where two of my climbing buddies discuss their own direct experiences. Almost every student comes to the following conclusion: the environment that climbing occurs in is inherently dangerous and that the qualities of the choices that climbers make directly influence the rate of accidents. It is reinforced to me trimester after trimester that the math is not that hard on this one. Even an outsider, thinking carefully about the data, can come to this assessment. One of the interesting points of data that they often marvel at is that exceeding abilities and climbing unroped are contributing causes at nearly identical rates. They also note that half of accidents are caused by falling. When they ask me about what I do, my response is fairly simple. Accept that I engage in a dangerous sport and yet always make careful, thoughtful choices about my practices and habits.
  8. Water Filtration: is it necessary?

    "The idea that most wilderness water sources are inherently unsafe is baseless dogma, unsupported by any epidemiological evidence." Slate article Do you agree or is the author missing some key details? Do you filter? Why or why not?
  9. Cooper Spur Shelter

    Thanks. That gives me a good starting point.
  10. Cooper Spur Shelter

    Hey all, Could someone point me in the direction of information about the origins of the stone shelter on Cooper Spur? I am interested in doing so research regarding why, how, and when it was constructed. Thanks Jonathan
  11. Illumination Rock

    The routes on the back side of I Rock are in great shape right now. They looked a little bony from below, but there was ice where you needed it, not too much snow, and fun mixed terrain.
  12. Snow/water on Slesse

    I was on it last weekend. There was lots of flowing water at/near the propeller cairn. There would be no problem getting water there. There was a chunk of snow at the large bivy ledge but no real running water. There were some sections of snow on the descent but no real substantial flowing water until you got past Crossover Pass proper. We carried three liters each on a cloudy/cool day and that was adequate. Good luck Jonathan
  13. Thanks for the report. It was helpful.
  14. Slesse-Crampons Necessary?

    Bump for any current knowledge of the situation. Many thanks.