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  1. Climbing girls calendar

    sweet can't go wrong there. I hear they do it in the water upside down, go back and do it again! Exactly!
  2. Climbing girls calendar

    certainly there is nothing wrong with that! on another note, climber chicks are hot, but i have quit trying to date them, i must be getting old, but i don't like screwing up my climbing with relationship stuff. i've migrated to whitewater chickas.
  3. cracked...

    you guys would like skiing much more if yer earning your turns. cause a trip to the mountain ain't the same as a trip to the Mountains. it's no fun unless you can drop cornice bombs
  4. The Light and Fast Thread

    get those new energizer super batteries, lithium i think. they are lighter and i only used 1aa in my mini-disc player on a 6 week expedition. i listened to music while carrying loads and in the tent evernight (often fell asleep to tunes) and while soloing. i would venture that it lasted for at least 60hrs of music. didn't replace the battery until i got back from the trip!
  5. Can you feel it?

    oooh baby yeah, i can feel it now!
  6. cracked...

    dude...that's just disturbing.
  7. The Light and Fast Thread

    i have found that one way to really get in the light is right mindset is to start venturing into safe (relatively) areas with minimal gear. for instance, a couple of years ago i would hike/scramble the peaks around town (anchorage) with a pack and essentially just walk up in a resonable amount of time. some of the peaks that used to take many hours i now run up after work (and day light is going fast up here). the only gear i now carry is a key to the car and a mini-disc player. using this method i have linked multiple peaks in a shorter time than it would take me to just hike up one. this gets transposed into the "big' mountians when i need to really push it and get things done. cause if your going light you had best be going fast. i think that the mental aspect is a really important component, you have to learn how to keep on going while you are suffering.
  8. Can you feel it?

    that shit is only for tues/thurs. otherwise it is to be avoided (i should know, worked in gyms for about a decade!) and yes RUMR, skiin' sucks, but snowboarding and teleturns freakin rule!
  9. Can you feel it?

    we have a TGR ski porn video in town tonight. just what we need more desire to be out in the powder...actually got my first turns a couple of weeks ago! damn i hope it's a good winter. if not at least there is always good
  10. Lamar boards any good?

    sounds like a great price for a noob. i can't claim to like their boards, only ridden one once a 165 that was way too soft and noodly for me, high speed carves were downright dangerous! can't comment on board size as at 5'10" and 150# i ride a 170 wide board, ak bias i guess. overall i'd say get the deal.
  11. we haven't had a caption contest in a while

    "hey everyone come over and look at the turd i dropped in the bushes!"
  12. china trip

    hey all, i'm heading out saturday for a trip to China you can follow along if your interested, we have a website kunlun expedition that is being updated tonight. also will be posting photos and text on everest news as we go. cheers, ben
  13. Rock gym blisters

    often when you are starting back into (gym) climbing you overgrip holds, thus creating more contact pressure and blisters, flappers, gobies, what have yous. try a lighter grip (less pump), plus once you have climbed in the gym enough you start to recognize holds and know if you are going to need to really pull down on them or not. and be sure to wash the chalk off your hands before you head home
  14. heads up on sumpin as bitchin as vinylove

    yeah, 3 years in juneau, i know all about that weather. try ice climbing in it sometime. loads of fun
  15. heads up on sumpin as bitchin as vinylove

    i've used those things commercial fishing and for field work. they rawk. hey glacier what kinda field work do you do?
  16. The Debate

    if kerry really wants to win a debate what he needs to do at the end of the next one is turn to the moderator and say "there is one thing that really concerns me about president bush (looking straight at the camera)...he can't say nuclear" then he can flash his three purple hearts, just like that jib-jab cartoon. if he does that he has my vote
  17. Tele Advice

    if you can get her to throw in a pair of skins this would be a nice light backcountry set-up, i wouldn't go any smaller than 170 in that ski though. cheers b
  18. Norway Invites You To Come Bludgeon a Seal Pup!

    was Ahab a pirate? aaaarrrrrrrrr
  19. What'r ya listening to?

    a little spearhead to make the data analysis go smoother
  20. china trip

    i've been posting some photos from the trip on my web blog take a look, ifin yer interested.
  21. Wired Debates

    i had no idea metrosexuals were so violent
  22. Freezing Hands for Training

    it helps...sort of. in my experience you can condition your body to function better in cold/warm environments. for example if you go on a month long mountaineering trip you will get used to be a bit chilly and by the time you are back home, sleeping indoors will feel uncomfortable and hot. so your body can adapt a bit. that said, i have tried to condition my hands to the cold, while commercial crabbing last fall i stayed on deck in all weather and got the screaming/barfies numerous times due to frozen hands. then while climbing in valdez last winter i got the second worse case of s/b's i've ever had. so it didn't really make a difference in that instance. whatever you end up doing just be sure not to take it so far that you get frostbite, cause then you will be like one of my friends. she brought 6 pairs of gloves and mitts on our recent trip to china, due to frostbite she got a few YEARS ago. as mentioned before it's a fine line to frostbite...walk that line like this whatever you end up doing have fun...and don't get any blebs
  23. From the Shrub's home state...

    dude sounds pretty buddhist to me. good on yah. let's help him off the post!
  24. M is for .... MUSICPLASMA!

    come on, how could you miss the j5/celine dion connection . what kind of novice listener are you.
  25. Want to be my hot new climber girlfriend?

    discretion is my middle name. can do!