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  1. Looking for anybody who wants to slog up the south side 30 mins from T-Line Lodge to the right-side gullies for some casual practice. I have a little crevasse rescue and Z-pulley experience, but am rusty as hell so I'd like to brush up. While we are at it I'd like to set a top rope and do some 70 degree snice climbing just for fun. Thinking this Saturday but if this doesn't work then let me know. I'm currently enjoying an extended summer vacation (aka 'laid off') so a mid-week day could work, too. I have pretty much all team gear but if you have an extra picket or two then bonus. Also have wheels and don't mind driving if you can get to my house (or are close to the Tualatin area). Shoot me a PM if interested.
  2. You might look into the Skyline trail up in the Olympics. Not terribly high elevation (high point at 5k') so it shouldn't be too snowy. About 45 miles, IRRC. Did it last year and it was very cool. Somewhat remote with bear sightings, a few places with stunning views, challenging in spots but not overly hard, etc etc etc.
  3. Another vote for him here! Thought Jon was going to plunge his axe into the dood's mellon; have to say he would have deserved it too. Seriously bad form. Was hoping to see a mountie somewhere to read him the riot act. Def a ticket-able offense. Hope both dogs made it down and were only tired and shallow wounds; and I hope the majority of those assclowns in that party who were looking confused about the correct decent path stay the fuck out of the mountains from now on. And this coming from a guy who normally doesn't care for dogs in the woods! This was a terrible sight.
  4. Update as of 7/12: Jon (dinomyte) and I bivied on the summit Sat night. Light winds, lows in the 40s, and summit alcohol made this some good times. A few bivi sights on the eastern rim are free of snow. You will be on the snow for a good portion of the time down low. The trail is wide open (dirt) from about 8500' on up. Morrain lake is just now starting to show some liquid H2O but basically the area is still VERY snowy; pretty freaking amazing for this time of year. There are a couple of spots that might be sketch if the snow is hard, so an axe might make ya feel better on the descent. But there are so many lines possible that you could likely avoid any of the steeper traverses. If the snow is soft there is little reason to take any tech gear at all. On the approach from Devil's lake, its best to just drop down into the ravine which still had tons of snow. We saw the trail up slope on our right so we got out of the ravine... this didn't help much. Better to just ride out the ravine to the terminus.
  5. Wow, congrats on topping. Looks like a fun alt route if not a little misguided. Regardless, good job.
  6. Was skinning up on the south side on Sat. Didn't see or hear any of this avy action, but sure was amazed at the numbers of ppl who clearly don't watch tv or surf the web for avy forecasts. Considering also that there were some large groups topping out around noon, there are a lot of lucking people out there! Where's Darwin when you need him?
  7. Hey man, I'm the other half of the two that you met at CS TH. Beckey books.... what do you have; just vol 1 if I understand the post? I'll take whatever since I don't have any of 'em. PM me and we'll work something out to hook up.
  8. Good stuff young man, although I seem to have read this story elsewhere. And, I also hear you "like goats". ...and so what the hell is the point?
  9. Yup, that's their current loc (right behind a music store... or was it a ski shop???). They were likely closed for Col. Day. Was in there a couple weeks ago and was told they signed something like a 5 year lease so they are there for a while. I get the distinct impression that they hate moving as much as we hate having to re-find them.
  10. Never been there before, but isn't that pretty close to be "splitting gas cost"? How many miles from Redmond is it???
  11. batboy has spoken; end of discussion. fine, take your adjustable fifi, but the daisies in an aid setup are suppose to be body weight only, or have I missed the point of aid climbing all this time. pro = fall impact daisies = advancement and the shortest of short drops since they are static. care to elaborate Dru?
  12. never tried 'em, but heard that they are sketch unless threaded JUST RIGHT.
  13. Weeerd! Just did the Skyline loop a couple weeks ago. "WTF" was the expression of choice during most of that trip. Nice work on the trip-n-TR.
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