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  1. Glad someone caught that... ;-) I thought the same thing, but it seemed like that was only happening in the Paradise parking lot.
  2. I saw him too, a little closer to Pebble Creek (7200 feet). When I saw him the kite was in the air; I watched for a couple minutes but he didn't really go anywhere. It didn't look like very much fun!
  3. Pandora


    lol, I don't recall that but there may have been heavy drinking involved!
  4. Straight-shafted tools, great for plunging on alpine routes. The rubber handles were pretty roughed up so I taped 'em. Picks are in good shape. Paypal only please; $75 shipped for the pair.
  5. Trip: Psycho Tower, SW Colorado - Psycho-Path, 5.9+ Date: 3/15/2011 Trip Report: My friend Tad had been talking about Psycho Tower most of the winter, ever since seeing it featured in Climbing Magazine. After he excitedly read aloud the description, I had to admit it sounded pretty cool, but it was too far out of the way to bother with, I negatively concluded. Last week a split-second change in plans had us staring up at this crazy-looking tower. After six days in Indian Creek I was pretty bored of endless gorgeous splitters and wanted to clip some bolts while traversing crumbling sandstone above huge air (?). At any rate, it was on the way home. An easy scramble (or 5.11- bolted variation) will put you at the the start of three short pitches that wrap around the tower to the summit. I was most apprehensive about the crux third pitch, which some of our beta described as "likely 5.10 if you're shorter than 5'10". That is true, I found. The highlight of the route is definitely the second pitch, which traverses the lip of a giant roof on tiny edges for feet, nothing but air below! Eyeing the tower on the approach Tad following pitch 1 Tad on top! Looking down on the Dolores River from the summit Flaking the rope so we can toprope the 11- variation (which was fun!) One last look Gear Notes: A single set of cams is plenty; I also carried ~10 draws to both extend those placements and clip the bolts. We used a 70 m rope which got us back to the notch in one rappel. Approach Notes: Make sure to park at the BLM lot about 1/2 mile past the tower itself and walk back along the road to find the trail.
  6. You do love driving insane distances for a little climbing! Next time make sure to get over to Silverton and climb Stairway to Heaven. Also send me a message if you come back to CO; it would be fun to grab a beer at the brewery.
  7. I've got setups similar to Maine-iac's: everyday/ski mountaineering setup is 99 underfoot with Dynafits. I also have a pair of Hellbents, with Fritschis, that I toured on exclusively last winter. But I'm in Colorado, and here you need all the float you can get to stay off the rocks that lurk just under the surface all season long. God I miss Washington.
  8. Right on, Dan - I was wondering how your climb went. Thanks again for the ride, you saved the day for us. Come to Seattle so we can buy you a pitcher (or two)!
  9. I think those who were at the show last night know that any debate has been settled.
  10. Yeah, that campground blows. Total ripoff; you're much better off putting that cash toward a hotel room. The climbing is great; have fun!
  11. Colin Haley: winner of the Hottest Alpinist from Mercer Island award
  12. I can tell you it ain't great for surfing
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