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  1. FS ticket for Reel Rock showing tonight @ Neptune

    only if i can get a freaking ticket. haven't heard from this person ...
  2. who killed archenemy?

    i guess she's not dead. i thought for sure that rumr must have killed her the day he ditched out on lunch with me to have lunch with her instead. pfft.
  3. If you like Pina Coladas and getting....

    wow; that is sweet. she so lucky!!!
  4. FS ticket for Reel Rock showing tonight @ Neptune

    i want it!!! sending pm ...
  5. Reel Rock Movie Tour

    i am lame. i tried to get tickets after lunch and no dice. does anybody have an extra to sell me??? i was so planning to go. nobody could even tell me if they were going to be selling any tickets at the door. i am so suck. please pm me asap if you have an extra so i don't have to cry for real.
  6. damn skiing is EXPENSIVE

    umm ... god no - rumr has kids. i don't want no stinkin' kids. not 'til i get a stinkin' husband anyway. rumr, maybe you need to correct the subject of your thread to "ski racing is expensive" ...
  7. Snow!

    oh, dude; that's gorgeous. lucky you!!!
  8. Excuses For Missing Rope Up 2007

    i went to canmore for the day.
  9. damn skiing is EXPENSIVE

    rumr, just be glad your kids aren't into scuba diving. diving makes skiing seem cheap.
  10. Snow!

    "Whether Iapetus' colors are the result of unusual episodes of internal volcanism or external splattering remains unknown." it's not even snow, dude!!!
  11. Unlocking a Reverso Under Load

    the reverso rocks. use a 'biner and get on with yer life. :-p

    one's a man and one's a woman? oh, wait; that was a serious question. wtf is that sh** anyway? and where is it?
  13. Got OEC books?

    I just signed up for an OEC course in Whistler that starts next Monday, which doesn't give them time to get me the books. Anybody got the fourth edition OEC book and study guide they want to give/sell me ASAP so I can get started?
  14. Grivel's New Tools

    yeah - what gary said. and it is not a rubber scrunchy thing!!! it is my enigmatic essence. geez!
  15. Anyone want to go to the Zoo?

    amen to that!
  16. Grivel's New Tools

    and? personally i still don't see the issue. how many picks are you carrying? have you seriously ever had to replace a pick in the field ... ever? i guess it depends on what you're climbing and how, and maybe i just still don't truly understand his question. it's okay, though; i can deal. ;-)
  17. Grivel's New Tools

    i'm actually a bit perplexed by your question.
  18. 1st Annual Northwest Snow and Avalanche Summit

    mmm ... i love snow.
  19. [TR] Enchantments Traverse - 10/6/2007

    pretty!!! looks like a wonderful little trip!
  20. Anyone want to go to the Zoo?

    i thought you meant the animal zoo, and i was gonna be all for that. i do like pickles, though.
  21. skis, packs, bivys, clothes, gloves for sale

    my bad. i'm the ASSumer. sorry, DUDE!!!
  22. crossfithel bbq/open house

    dammit; i was hoping this would be a "better" crossfit than the ones closest to me, but portland is a bit of a commute from seattle. i really wish they would come up with a better pricing scheme and better times for the classes. i miss going to crossfit.
  23. Looking for Sales Manager with Climbing backgroun

    the weird thing is there aren't even any sales manager positions listed on their site. wtf? lame!!!