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  1. What hapened with the site?

    I'm crossing my fingers that this issue of missing pictures in older trip reports is something that eventually gets fixed. CascadeClimbers has been such a great resource for looking up pictures of routes, and a picture really is worth a thousand words. There's an incredible amount of knowledge stored in so many trip reports from years past, and it would be a shame to lose it. Another one of many, many examples on here that have been immensely valuable to me in the past: Thanks for all the work you are doing maintaining CascadeClimbers!!
  2. Leavenworth conditions

    I was on February Buttress on Sunday. Conditions were beautiful, the south-facing rock is getting a lot of sun. It looks like this coming weekend is shaping up to be just as nice there too. February Buttress is half-visible from the 76 gas station, it's the dry rock gently sloping from the right. This is where the 1st pitch of Ground Hog Day starts: Ground Hog Day, viewed from the side This is where Aquarius starts. Notice the bolt on the face? Neither did I at the time. To start Aquarius, stand where our rope touches the ground here: