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  1. I wonder if social media and outdoor company marketing has simply "commodified" the outdoors. A lot of people seem to be attracted to it for superficial reasons and don't even understand what a wilderness experience is, or what the customs and etiquette are. I guess what I'm saying is they don't even know they're not being considerate; it's just how social media and marketing has projected as the "correct" way to interact with nature now. Not sure that makes sense, as I'm still not sure how best to articulate my thought, but I do sense that social media and marketing is fundamentally changing not just how many people want to go "experience" nature but also the behaviors. It doesn't occur to them they are ruining it for others because social media and marketing has normalized the behaviors we're all lamenting. Just a theory. It's a troubling and sad trend
  2. My partner and I watched you and other team for a while from the lake, having decided it was much too spicy for our taste. Nice work!
  3. I love this part: I remember in high school during the summer I'd bike to the rock after rowing practice and being so frustrated how I could barely get off the ground! I still feel that way on most of that damn wall....
  4. Hi all - I'm curious if anyone has experience biking from Seattle to the North Fork Sauk River TH or other TH's on the Mountain Loop Highway? I imagine riding the Mountain Loop Highway is kind of sketchy with the cars, but I'm curious about the rest of the path. Or if anyone has experience going for rides like this, or can point me to resources I can find better information for safe(r) bike routes to the mountains for reference? Thanks!
  5. Good thing they closed the mountain for the foul weather up there today.
  6. I also greatly appreciate this site and those who keep it going. I've used the site for a long time for beta, inspiration, research, and it's free and doesn't manipulate you (except to go on a wild goose chase for ice!).
  7. I agree with you Olyclimber. We live in a society that now seems to rewards narcissism and egotism (often disguised in false humility), and it was so wonderful to be reminded of how such an incredible athlete and climber could live with such sincerity and integrity despite the pressure for the opposite. To be at such a high level for your chosen path and do it with such integrity, definitely an inspiring example for how to live, however short it was. And the climbing! Good lord, so beautiful (and scary) to watch. Watching him soloing on the Stanley Headwall was amazing to me. Anyhow, great documentary on a great climber and person! Such a tragedy.
  8. I think I'll need to try something like this. The cold seems to also just eat fuel up super fast as well, and the water cup does help but is not great if you forget to take it out and the can freezes into the cup! Is that just normal aluminum foil on the sides? What's the base made of? Thanks!
  9. I will say, we brought of lot of modern tech to bare to help with the navigating. GPS on our phone with satellite photos to help guide when to be on the river (or when to go back to the river), slope angle shading to help along the ridge. But most of all: Joe and his uncanny ability to sniff out a path through brush.
  10. Maybe we were just being dumb! I had some bad scratches on my hands by the end. Though as I recall we only ended up in really bad devils club and nettles on the last day out, which was appropriate, since the entire approach and deproach felt like the Picket Gods were determined to destroy us, only to let us pass when spirits were at their lowest (for me anyways)!
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