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RIP Dean Potter


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The video of Dean soloing the nose is an all time classic, and if I had not watched that as an impressionable youngster, for better or worse, the vision for some of very special climbs may not have happened. Definition of a pioneer.


What I love and respect the most about Dean is although sometimes peculiar, and 'out there', he never changed to suit the expected 'image' of pro athletes these days. He was a genuine soul, true to himself. Not a cereal box type of athlete, which some people didn't like, but that's their issue.


What a badass, huge respect. He might be gone but legends never die. Long live Dean Potter.

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I've been a pretty vocal critic of Dean Potter the publicity hound, but the thing was, I felt like he only made bad calls (that is to say, calls that affected us, the climbing community) his livelihood depended on being in front of cameras. My honest impression of him as a climber and as a person was that he was looking for something, peace, excellence, happiness, and the process of self-promotion complicated and corrupted that.

His writing could border on the highfalutin, but I think it came from a place of honesty. When I think of all the things he did, all the things he said, above all else, I believe he was honest, and without pretense. I know of no higher praise for a climber.

We shall not see his like again.

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His feats were amazing, but unfortunately we all knew how his story would end in this life. Pretty erie watching the Discovery Channel climbing show a week or so on-demand then this. Condolences to all that knew him in person.

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I was surprised how profoundly saddened I am by his passing, Shapp is so right, we all knew how Dean's story would end, and yet I am still shocked. The world was such a better place knowing Dean was out there doing the things that none of us dared to do. I saw him more as a visionary and his controversial climbs as a protest to the miss management of our own public lands. I wish I had his courage.

At first I was really angered by Chirp's comments about Dean, but I realize what a weak little man would make such statements about a person he never knew, and my faith in our species is diminished. Anger gives way to sadness.

You are missed Dean Potter, the world needs more people like you.



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His entire life seemed to center on extreme risk-taking, so I'm not much surprised with this news.


I admit to having misgivings about such exploits in general, the public's perception of these exploits, and the monetization and promotion of these exploits by both the individuals performing them and corporate interests. It's a continuing and seemingly unquestioned trend in our culture towards the more and more "extreme", getting to the point with some of these activities where there's a significantly reduced survival rate. A strange fetish, really, and troubling to me.



I also think chirp's comments, although perhaps a bit inappropriately timed and offered, shouldn't necessarily be taken as a final indictment of his character. I don't know chirp, but I think his post speaks to the polarized way in which people responded to Potter. Potter's behaviours certainly created controversy.


In the end, I'll respond to Dean Potter's passing in the same way I would respond to anyone's: I sincerely pray that he passed from this life being ok with both the time and manner of his passing, and that both he and his loved ones are at peace.

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