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  1. Paradise Parking Lot

    How did you manage that?
  2. Paradise Parking Lot

    I would agree. The mind set can be maddening, but I don't want to do away with what has been called America's greatest invention just because Chongo, EricT and the Polish guy got hassled while walking from Mount Rainier to Cascade Pass
  3. Next economic meltdown predictions

    We are now up the market derivatives of the fourth and fifth order, at least. Very few of even the smart folks will under stand the next market correction. I believe it will probably be a derivative driven evaporation of cyber capital. Geniuses won't understand, much less a very stable one.
  4. Paradise Parking Lot

    Says the illiterate
  5. Paradise Parking Lot

    Seems pretty cut and dried unless you're a stupid ranger, or you.
  6. Paradise Parking Lot

    I agree
  7. Paradise Parking Lot

    Seems like just a case of poor reading comprehension
  8. Paradise Parking Lot

    Where was it said that the Wilderness Act should be repealed
  9. Paradise Parking Lot

    What would happen to all the lands, areas, parking lots, museums and buildings that the NPS administers that don't happen to meet the qualification for wilderness with a capitol W? Think Yosemite Valley, Lake Chelan National Recreation Area, the Washington Monument and Old Faithfull, among other areas. As far as the policing, the USFS and NPS attract people with a certain earnestness to be rangers. LE attracts a gung ho set who want to enforce laws. Put the two together and make sure that they don't really have too much to do, and you can end up with a bit of a pickle. I think this study does indicate that the NPS does have a chip on their shoulder when it come to law enforcement. Careful reading of the Gould study shows the the NPS is inflating the number and severity of assualts upon officers for whatever reasons http://www.jmu.edu/icle/pdf_files/Applied Research/Analysis of Assaults on National Park Service Rangers.pdf
  10. Fred Beckey book information request

    No marmots, goats, pikas or snafflehounds were hurt, harmed, demeaned, looked-at-crossways or other wise harrassed in this thread. Baby marmots were in fact portrayed by adult pika actors recieving wages as per the local SAG agreement. Horse cock refers to salami, and not to horse cock. Bunny is not a real bunny, but is in fact the avatar to a human being, likely named Chris. Likewise, Puma, Bronco and Tiger are not real live cougars, horses and tigers. I hope nobody has felt offended by this thread. CascadeClimbers will be shutting down in May so all staff and users can go to a bias training at Showgirls in Seattle.
  11. Fred Beckey book information request

    Oh, I could tell some tales. But sadly, I was given $130K by some hot blonde and told to keep my mouth shut. There is one story I think I can tell. I was in the Boulder Safeway, and Fred walks in and starts talking about wanting to get some horse cock. Our own poster Doug Spinks happened to be in the store at the same time. He hurried over to Fred, and telling Fred that he, D-Dog was the world leading expert on getting horse cock, led Fred towards the parking lot. I never saw the two again.
  12. Washington Pass conditions report

    I think TGR would be a great place for you to shed your NWAC angst and tell the real story
  13. Washington Pass conditions report

  14. The OP was made in 2010, and that is posters "Slacker"'s only post, and he hasn't revisited this board since 2010. So he may not get back to you
  15. US Government bans Dru

    DoD notified.