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  1. 2019/2020 OR/WA Ice Conditions

    What is the Great Trog?
  2. Looks like a scab is afoot
  3. Checking out some of those goats Tinder pages. HAWT and mos def NSFW.
  4. RIP Supertopo.com forum

    Shutting down June 1 to read only
  5. I don't think any of that had to anything to do with Marmot closing. Lock was dead within a year of closing of cancer.
  6. ice climbing 2018/2019 OR/WA Ice Conditions

    Never really knew what we climbed, but looking at the photo, that is what John Tarver, myself and Russel Erikson climbed back on Saturday January 12, 1980. We were young, I was the old guy at 19, and John and Russ were 18. And we had a great time in the Longmire restaurant before the climb listening to a coked up Dr Elliot Openheim MD spew and spray about a whole variety of climbing stuff to his unfortunate climbing and breakfast partner. And no, I'm not scared of Elliot reading this and suing me for slander for refering to him as likely being coked up. A quick google search will tell anybody all they need to know about this former member of the Seattle climbing community.
  7. for sale 4x4 Sprinter

    Posted only in the Denver CL and nowhere else, but located in Everett?
  8. Vesper Peak question

    Did anybody climbing the north face of Vesper after Sam Sayers went missing notice this object photographed in late October? It seems to be located on the north face a pitch or so above the major traverse ledge and to the west of the Weigelt corner. The photo was taken from the Ragged Edge, and there are some (who I don't agree with) who feel this may be Sam's remains.
  9. Me, class of 1978. Anne was (would have been) class of 1977 at Shoreline. My photos were taken probably in 1972.
  10. Alan Tarver, class of 1976
  11. I was there. I was hanging with Pat M, Dan W, and Russell. The four of us had to make an exodus when wh had overstayed our camping limit. You had a really cool old Dodge PU with a camper.
  12. A story was seperately related to me by the Daves about an attempt on the North Norwegian Buttress by two Daves and two Dons where a Mr Mastadon said "I don't know about you motherfuckers, but I'm going home".
  13. No, only one per photo. I might be in one also.