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  1. Your wife better better be really hot. With $383M you could land two or three of those skanks from Selling Sunset and have a 38DD orgy nightly. Do you have any photos of your wife topless?
  2. No, bad knees and hips and ill health in loved ones have kind of got me. Be careful or this will turn into a cuddler fest. FAT TARD IS STILL A DOUCHIE MF’ER
  3. A WideFetish fun factoid. Reilly is the only member to get banned there. And LEB has reduced the Yogi of the parking lot to some ranting old fool.
  4. I’m a jerk, but you’re still old as dirt. I hear you’re so old you call Donini “Sonny boy”.
  5. You’re quite good at this social media stuff I’m on WF, but I would like to think that I’m just a jerk
  6. That is probably the most erudite thread on WF in quite a while.
  7. WF is WideFetish. Where FatRad, Phish, LEB and anyone else who was banned from ST for being an outspoken, gun toting right winger, hater or just kind of a jerk went to. Kind of like ascensionist and the dregs of CC BITD.
  8. Too bad he was totally inept at computers and the internet, he would have fit in well with the haters at WF
  9. Just don't stop his kid from busting beer bottles From WideFetish ButtHurtSuperTopo forum discussing Silvia Vidal and other cool stuff
  10. https://rockandice.com/climbing-news/pocket-outdoor-media-acquires-rock-and-ice-ascent-trail-runner-and-gym-climber/?fbclid=IwAR1rmpiRsyV6gaS_sdO693GFwm8McszY8OnV5l2pn-eUX_2BAoeUYKYDMxA#:~:text=Boulder%2C Colorado%2C USA
  11. https://rockandice.com/climbing-news/an-apology-from-the-publisher/?fbclid=IwAR1_lKyeqbQJ0L7nSDezkcDjrDMrrwFJHeLp8YglZIdXDTQnlm0gjpKualk
  12. That explains the lack of fine silverware
  13. How about Roland Tabor and the late Peter Misch? Joe Vance, Eric Cheney and Don Swanson?
  14. What is the Great Trog?
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