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Index multi car break-in,


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Last thursday (26th) most of the cars in the lower lot got broken into somewhere about 11AM. Maybe 7 or 8 cars all with rear windows smashed.

I reckon whoever it was smashed all the windows as the train went through. However, I think they were disturbed before they could rob all the cars. They hadn't gone into my car, and many others also. There was a fella who'd lost his passport & wallet, and he was rightly steamed.

I think I'm gonna park in town & walk next time.


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For what it's worth, I had all doors unlocked, trunk unlocked, and a visibly empty car. They still smashed in my back window that day.


(and took nothing, I don't think they even went inside)


Apart from looking out for one another and intentionally striking up conversations with suspicious-looking meth heads (+1 for profiling) I'm not sure there is really a strategy that works here.

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They probably follow this website like the dude up at Static Point in the Monroe area (and enjoy the publicity), not much helps - even police reports.

Maybe we could hire a pair of guys to stand guard with shotguns, pretending to be backwoods hunters ( notice I said pair - need a witness with camera). The notion of breaking all the windows when the train passes is probably correct - and then go through as many as you can. F---ing Dirt Bags. That sucks. :cry:

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