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  1. I guess Gripex is Mammut's new cheaper house-brand outsole. The boots (Ridge High GTX) are definitely not mountain boots, but were reminiscent in stature to a previous pair of Mammut mountain boots I owned in the past. They were on sale and fit beautifully so I bought a pair. On hike #2 for these boots, one of the major lugs near the toe box sheared clean off, and almost through the outsole. Upon closer inspection I found that the outsole had numerous places where rubber was shearing away in a weird shattered glass fashion. And one of the large under-toebox cleats was about to shear completely off as well. Dropped 'em back off at Second Ascent for warranty claim. Just an FYI.
  2. Price drop bump. They're sold.
  3. SOLD The extent of their usage has been a week in Ouray about 2 years ago. No damage, modifications, etc. $240 + modest shipping, or cash handoff here in Seattle. More photos.
  4. Pieps DSP Sport, in nearly new condition. This one, current model.: http://www.backcountry.com/pieps-pieps-dsp-sport-avalanche-beacon Bought 16 months ago on Backcountry. (Have receipts, etc.) I have carried this in a pack one or two times but never worn it, sweated on it, been buried w/ it etc. Decided that tuition costs trump my desire to get into backcountry skiing at the moment, so I'm getting rid of it. Comes with manual and chest strap. Pristine condition, though for completeness I will point out a slight scratch on the very bottom of the screen, apparently from its time spent in the pack. $270. I just noticed that Amazon has it on sale, so I'll lower my price to $250. [img:center]http://i.imgur.com/FXrBXtPh.jpg[/img] [img:center]http://i.imgur.com/CI3htk5h.jpg[/img] [img:center]http://i.imgur.com/76fB6vph.jpg[/img] [img:center]http://i.imgur.com/IoHz2iGh.jpg[/img] Metolius Ultralight Power Cams. Size 4, 6. Placed a bunch of times in the last few years. No falls. $30 each. [img:center]http://i.imgur.com/mJfxbKHh.jpg[/img] Handoff in Seattle or ship for nominal fee.
  5. [Sold]

    It's all gone. Pix: http://imgur.com/a/glDgJ Sold Arc’teryx Atom LT Hoody size Large. $75 In very good shape; a couple seasons of wear. I have a smaller one now that fits better. First Ascent shell pants. Size M. 7/8-length size zips. $75 I believe these may be the previous edition of their “Rainier Storm” model. Uses first ascent’s lightweight waterproof/breathable hardshell material. I bought these used @ second ascent but there is zero evidence that they’ve been worn. (No ankle scuffs, zips & buttons are pristine.) They have an RMI guide insignia on them, so that’s nice. La Sportiva Nepal Evo 47. $175 I bought these new 4 years ago and they’ve been on 2-3 dozen outings. An appropriate amount of wear: Some nicks on the rand, some tread wear, and the uppers could use a re-waterproofing. They've held up well and are good to go on many more adventures. I’d continue wearing them but my feet have evidently shrunk in the last few years. Included are the neoprene tongue inserts. 5.10 Stonelands VCS size 12 mens. $50 Been up a dozen pitches or so. No scent. They stretched beyond the size I was aiming for. 5.10 Anasazi Verde size 11 mens. $30. These have been worn a fair amount, primarily in the gym. The soles are in very good shape. Scent-wise, if new shoes start at 0/100, these babies are registering at about 20/100. Some books, all in very good shape: Washington Ice: A Climbing Guide. $5 Sold Traditional Lead Climbing. $5 Sold The Trad Climber’s Bible. $10 Bishop Bouldering. $20
  6. Sweet! Was there snow in the Liberty/Concord gully?
  7. Exit 38 digital guide available now

    Fixed link: http://www.rakkup.com/climbing-guidebooks/rock-climbing-guidebooks/og-exit38/
  8. Aircraft Wrecks Of The Pacific Northwest

    Quite a read. I had not heard of that one.
  9. weekly whipper video....groundfall.

    "Slack." "Slack." "Slack." "Slack." "Slack." "Slack." "Slack."
  10. some nostalgia

    Great writing.
  11. Grivel Crampons

    I'll give you 175 for the skis.
  12. BD harness, Nemo tent footprint

    Crampons are pending sale gone.
  13. SOLD BD Neve Pro aluminum crampons. Step-in binding. Previous model (current ones are orange). The points were in fact sharper at one point, and one of the antibot plates is cracked, though that's never been an issue for me. $40 SOLD Grivel Salamander helmet. Size XL. My noggin lost weight, I think, and now this helmet is too large for me. This is basically "the" helmet for folks with massive craniums, and if you are one of these individuals, you already know this. It's in fine shape. $25 BD Ozone harness. Mens XL. The previous version, which is orange and has two gear loops. Used for 18 months in the gym. Fine working order, and has never been stored in my car battery tinkerin' lab. $15 Nemo Morpho 2P footprint. Keeps your Nemo Morpho 2P off the ground when campin'. Champ shape, and comes in its own mesh bag. $20 Pics: http://imgur.com/a/oKEfK/all I live in Seattle. Will ship for extra mo.
  14. Foot drop

    Thanks! Appointment = made.
  15. I've developed foot drop in my left foot as a result of a recurring herniated L3/4 disc. The only place this has impacted my climbing is descending snow while facing out. As I can hardly hold the front of my foot up (i.e., can't stand on left heel), plunge stepping or descending existing steps makes my foot prone to simply rolling forward over the step. And you can guess what happens next. I sought the advice of PT folks to see if there was an orthotic that I could carry and "throw on" as terrain dictates. A "foot-up brace" was suggested to me - an outside-the-boot device that kinda ties your shoelaces to your calf. Like so: Seems like it's worth a shot. However, if any of y'all have been down this road, I'd like to hear about it.