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[TR] Bugaboos in a Day - aerial photography w/ John Scurlock 3/9/2013

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Trip: Bugaboos in a Day - winter aerial photography adventure w/ John Scurlock


Date: 3/9/2013


Trip Report:

John and I had talked about doing a single day flight to the Bugaboos and back. I didn't think we would pull it off until we actually did it....


Words don't really describe it, so I'll let the photos (and video!) speak for themselves.




Howser Towers from S:



S Howser Tower, Beckey-Chouinard route



N Howser Tower, W Face



Howser Towers from N:



Bugaboo Spire, NE Ridge:



Bugaboos from E:



Bugaboos from N:



Valhallas (Dag, Batwing, Wolf's Ears, Gimli, Niselheim, Midgard):



Dag's vertical northern walls:



Gimli, classic S Ridge side:



Gimli W side:



Gimli from N:



More photos on my website TR:




6:31 AM : Sunrise

7:22 AM : Take-off from Concrete Airport

8:19 AM : Land in Kelowna, clear customs

8:52 AM : Take off from Kelowna

9:38-10:31 AM : Bugaboos

10:39-11:02 AM : Mt. Farnham, Mt. Peter, Mt. Delphine, Jumbo Mtn, Mt. Earl Grey, Redtop Mtn, others

11:22-11:36 AM : Valhallas

11:52 AM : Land in Nelson, get fuel

3:02 AM : Take-off from Nelson

3:45 PM : Land in Oroville, clear customs

4:08 PM : Take-off from Ororville

4:52 PM : Land at Concrete Airport

6:03 PM : Sunset


Flight distance: 822 miles

Flight time: 5h 24min


Flight line map.


Thanks John. What an experience.

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i can't even imagine the shake-down me n' my buddies would get trying to fly into canuckistan and back! :lmao:


They know the plane well over in Oroville... one time, the main part of the process was the agent questioning me about the social life in Bellingham, since he was young, single, and had just transferred to Oroville from some large city in the south. Being double his age, I was not really in a position to be very helpful... though I'm guessing the night life in Oroville is fairly limited after about 5 pm, and he said as much....


yesterday there was a slight kerfuffle when they realized "Miss Abegg" was half Canadian. Her Canadian passport fixed things however.

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Just yesterday I was twisting the arm of a friend for a Valhalla trip. Fantastic that the weather was so perfect for both the Valhallas and the Selkirks. I've never seen such detailed pics. Thank you so much!


Well this should finalize the arm-twisting. =) I highly recommend the Valhallas, I've climbed there 2x and there's some great alpine rock fun to be had.

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