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  1. Holy Criminy! Really outstanding.. KellyM tipped me off on this. That pic you linked to was from December 17, 2003... seems so long ago now...
  2. TFT Conditions?

    It looked like this late in the day on May 27, from a position above the Inspiration Glacier. I don't have anything more detailed than that and I didn't look at it from the south. Click the word "original" below the image to see the largest size image I've posted.
  3. Not much of a joke person eh? I guess humor is overrated. Several of the peak/feature names in that group (Baker/Black Buttes -- Lincoln, Colfax, Sherman, Seward, Assassin Spire) reflect historical significance as much as some perception as an "honor". Additionally, the first ascenders of a route are, by convention, entitled to name that route as they see fit. I see nothing wrong with that name (it's certainly within the context of the area), and suggest that if someone doesn't care for it, they should first consider that they missed their chance to be the first ones up the route & thus aren't in much of a position to be critical.
  4. just now saw your pm & replied. yes, use any images as you see fit.
  5. Who Requested This?

    What I didn't explain back then was that I was doing it all for Layton. Then he moved to Utah, likely because of the polygamy thing, and my spirit was broken. Once in a while, while soaring above the mists, I gaze over towards BS... but then the cold sweats begin, and I turn for home.
  6. Who Requested This?

    I'm feeling old all of a sudden...
  7. Good Food- Marblemount

    ah yes... who could possibly forget the "each entree delivered to the table on one hour intervals" vibe.... but on the other hand, lots of extra time for beer....
  8. TFT Conditions?

    for what it's worth, the ridge just east of east McMillan Spire this afternoon - http://www.pbase.com/nolock/image/155881783 - ridges everywhere look like this or snowier, with cornices. I observed what looks like significant new snow at least in the Picket ranges - http://www.pbase.com/nolock/image/155881674 and http://www.pbase.com/nolock/image/155881675.
  9. Mt Hood Climbers Guide

    seems like it's gone the way of the remodel of the climber's register at timberline... good work put in by so many folks, then the project disappears...
  10. Do you know this girl?

    Yes that is Jenny Abegg. Best to contact Steph, I'd suggest, either by email if you have it or through her website, which she monitors closely.
  11. play it extra safe of the snow, recent avi death

    Franklin was a really good guy.... very sad to see this.... RIP ...
  12. NOCA Video - Glaciers

    This was published yesterday and I found out about it today, an outstanding 18 min production about glaciers in the North Cascades:
  13. Drawing program to illustrate new book

    also you might consider using a freelance illustrator if you can find somebody who has those skills... cost could be a factor of course... but could save a ton of time by taking the learning curve out of the picture..
  14. Drawing program to illustrate new book

    I know Dave T has been using Adobe Illustrator for the pages in his book which is about to be published... it's geology related, not climbing.. but I don't have personal experience with using that program..
  15. Mount Baker - Sherman Peak Avalanche 10-21-13

    Thxs, Max, honestly it was pure luck I happened to be by there on the 28th, as it was a completely unplanned, spur of the moment and very short flight. It was good detective work by Jackie Caplan-Auerbach from the geology department at WWU to find the event in the recent seismic record. By the way, the duration of the seismic signal has been measured at 71 seconds. It would have been awesome to see it happen, provided you were located at a safe vantage point..