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[TR] Bugaboos in a Day - aerial photography w/ John Scurlock 3/9/2013

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Awesome. And are you bracketing your shots? Using an auto function or manual? RAW?


She doesn't bracket, I do usually, but not always(+/- 2/3 stop).. in any case we are both using 'burst' mode. We both shoot aperture priority, all RAW all the time. If we are photographing a fire lookout from close in, we will switch to shutter priority at 1/8000th sec. I agree, two slightly different setups that yield very good and complimentary results.

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Steph and John -


Any chance you were shooting photos before you got to the Bugaboos? There is an area on the West side of Duncan Lake that I am very interested in, and it looks on the line map like you passed right over it on the way from Kelowna.


I am specifically looking for sinkholes and karst features in the limestone of the Badshot Range. See anything?


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John, I kind of like "All RAW all the time" in case you're looking for a slogan...


yeah that is good... I (well we both) vary it with All Canon, all the time and All digital, all the time..depends on who's asking the question I guess.


Both Steph and I started out shooting only jpg.. but what it amounts to is being in a difficult & demanding environment that's expensive and risky to get to (the Bugs being a prime example), with many obstacles to good image quality. Most of the time there are no do overs. RAW is an important element for insuring the best possible quality, and so we both transitioned to RAW years ago..

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