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  1. Thanks Rad. My guess is neither choice is bad, but sounds like Hoh is the way to go.
  2. Greetings. We will be kayaking off the San Juans for 3 days with the orcas, and then spending 2 full days in ONP. We cover lots of miles, so we are thinking of one day dayhiking the HDT/7 Lakes Basin, and one other day hiking either Hoh or Enchanted Valley--can people who have done both help me choose one of those? Then also, we plan on visiting beaches around afternoon/sunset--can you help choose between Rialto, Shi Shi, Flattery and Kalaloch tree cave? Many thanks!
  3. Greetings All. I'm hoping some of you on here might know the Huayhuash and be able to help with detailed questions. I want to do this: Start at Cajatambo, get a 4wd ride north/west on the road toward Uramaza; start hiking end of that road; Proceed past Huayllapa, head east up the Rio Calinca to Juraucocha and Sarapococha; Climb Cerro Gran Vista; then head south over Passo San Antonio and pick up the main trail Head south over Punto Cuyoc past Laguna Viconga and Then back east down Rio Pumarinri to Cajatambo. Is this a feasible loop? Any other pointers about travel in Peru from Lima - Huaraz, etc, would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Thanks guys; I appreciate the advice. So, I did get a Stuart Lake permit for the entire 5 day period. I realize that's a ways from the Core Enchantments. Advice? I've been looking at Sherpa, Stuart via Sherpa Glacier, etc--but am certainly open to suggestions. Thanks!
  5. Ok. Headed to Washington again Oct 1-5. Reasoning is two-fold: forecasters are saying that El NiƱo means warm and dry for NW. Second, Oct 1 means no permits required. Also, cost is right--flight and car to Seattle is $400 Anyway, done Rainier, Tatoosh, Olympics, some Noryh Cascades. I was thinking of Alpine Lakes/Enchantments, Mt Stuart, possibly Baker, possibly Glacier, possibly North Cascades. Really leaning toward Alpine Lakes region Anyway, suggestions? Washington is awesome, after all... Many thanks!
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    Thanks! Great advice and Stuarts Traverse looks awesome
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    Yep. Actually I have seen it Shuksan then Icy and Ruth
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    So, dumb questions probably. I scouted out the Bailey Traverse this past September while doing a traverse of the Tatoosh and Rainier. But I have now been studying 3 other traverses--Nooksack, Ptarmigan and Pickets. I'm looking to do one of these in the summer. Ptarmigan looks most intriguing; and I'm thinking that would be a 5 day 4 nighter? Nooksack looks like a maybe 3 dayer. Pickets looks beastly, and is the least likely for me. My experience in the North Cascades is one trip there, up the Sahale Arm; day trip. My general experience is much rock climbing etc in the Sierra, Colorado, desert ranges; I have ropes and glacier travel experience. Not looking for specifics, more general sense of best season for these as well as overall views, experience, etc. I am also eying Alpine Lakes region and would accept any other suggestions! Many thanks!
  9. Awesome. And are you bracketing your shots? Using an auto function or manual? RAW?
  10. A little off topic but I thought someone here might have some info: I am taking The Boy to Yoho/Banff/Jasper in about a week; we are doign Devil's Thumb, Abbot Pass hut and Yoho Alpine Circuit, Akimina Ridge, etc. The Boy really likes to fish and wants to catch some things with teeth. That to mean means Northern pike. CCan anyone recommend places to go for pike? I have identified Lake Talbot in Jasper but it's right on the highway and probably not ideal. Many thanks!
  11. Not necessarily. 4th and below. Flying into Calgary I guess. I kinda want to choose 2 or no more than 3 areas and spend several days in each of the 3. Example, I have been told Banff is waay crowded, and stay away. So, I was kinda looking for, in addition to Yoho (O'Hara). something in Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park or Mt. Robson; or, Akamina-Kishinena Prov Park, etc. I'd love to hear all ideas you have, then I will research them further.
  12. Howdy. Looking for some advice about hiking/climbing in the Canadian Rockies. I have the books (Don't Waste Your Time in CR; Scrambles in the CR)--just looking for your advice as well. Looking for relative solitude, great scenery, some scrambles. 10 days in mid-late August. I've tentatively decided on 5 days in Yoho, but could be talked out of that. What else? Also, where to fish? Many thanks!
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    And by that you mean, what? I am assuming you mean that some ice/snow melted so going is rougher; risk of crevasse problems etc higher? Also, August--early or late, which is best? Is it best just to watch weather and try to look for long range weather windows? That makes getting flights harder/more expensive though.
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    I am back after a couple years hiatus from the Northwest. We are eyeballing a "big" trip to the Caqscades this summer. We are also, separately, going to hit the Canadian Rockies (Yoho NP etc), but that's for a different discussion. ANYWAY, I have the 3 book series on Cascade climbing and high alpine routes. I will have questions about specific mountains next week. A little background--we go to California every year, and Colorado many times a year. We have climbed many 14ers in CO, by class 3 and sometimes 4 routes. NO ROPES. In Cali, same thing--a lot of off trail stuff. For the first time, and with some trepidation this past summer, we encountered extensive ice in Sequoia/Kings Canyon and, though nervous at first, we LOVED it. Much better than rock scrambling/climbing. So, we figured the next logical move was the Cascades. Which is a long way of leading up to a very simple question--WHEN should we plan this 10 day trip in order to have the best chance of decent weather? Many thanks.
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