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  1. [TR] MRNP - Gib Ledges 02/13/2018

    Of the 3 routes I've done on the mountain, my favorite by far was the ledges. Early June 2011 there were no ledges per se, just a spicy, rising traverse, under that big rock to the ramp... Nice report thanks for posting. d
  2. +1 on the Denny's.. Nice report. If I can ever get back in reasonable shape, I'd like to get to this area. Thanks, d
  3. New moderator

    And a standout periwinkle blue to boot! Time to straighten up and fly right boiz... d
  4. Congrats fellas. If I wasn't quitting climbing, this would be a worthy objective... d
  5. Mt. Stuart Conditions Beta

    Smokey W side pic from Ingalls Pass on 12Aug...
  6. Thanks for sharing Jason. I've seen some of this country up close thanks to you and others here, but no more 8 day packs for this kid... The third from the top is a sweet shot. d
  7. The camping looks good to go for my Grandson and I later this week... Thanks for posting d
  8. [TR] Forbidden - North Ridge 7/9/2017

    DPS for the thread win! I second that emotion. This would be a good first step to elimination of work altogether. Then, it might just be possible to get all the good climbs in you want while you're still not too fucking old to do so... sincerely
  9. Always enjoy the Challenger TR's. I know now's the time to climb this mountain, but for an old hiker, easy ridge is beautiful in the fall and a person could just about live on the blue berries up there at that time of year. Thanks for posting. d
  10. Great pics as usual Jason. Glad to hear the elbow's better. d
  11. Ways to deal with tennis elbow?

    I've had trouble with my elbows and finger tendons since the '80s when I was training hard and climbing a lot. This was the first time I'd seen a Doc for it but I met this guy for an ITBS issue before and trusted him. Some of those guys might go to the needle too quick... The PT had my elbow supported through all the stretching/exercises and some deep tissue massage to moved that old blood out to try begin some healing in that old abused tendon. The little plastic tool she used for this was a bit uncomfortable. Every day, basic hand pull with light stretching pressure with arm outstretched, pull straight back 5 count then the hand is stretched downward for another 5 count. 5 reps. with super light weights 1 - 3 lb, arm resting on the recliner in the man cave, hand hanging down w/weight, pull hand up 5 reps 5 times. Also got my old 22oz framing hammer out of the shop, grab the end of the handle, arm on a table or, that favorite recliner arm, relax that lower arm and metronome that head back and forth. You just gotta feel it all and if it hurts it's bad. I also continued the massage best I could at home. I was back to "manageable" pain levels in about 4 months. I'm about a generation ahead of you in years but you've climbed more I bet so... And a little Hunters couldn't hurt. Good luck.
  12. Ways to deal with tennis elbow?

    Yep. Back when mine was flared up (again) a couple years ago I went to a PT and she helped me a lot. She is a hand specialist that my sports Doc referred me to. Takes a while, and it did get worse before it got better, but in a few months I felt so much better. After about 5 visits to get the hang of things I kept working on my own... You'll be well served to repeat all work both sides long run Jason. d
  13. Monday 2/20 - Ski tour with me and Fred B!

    You're a good man, Stuart. d