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Name that summit!


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i'm too ADD to slowly play out the summits that fit that i actually have pix for, so here's them as a glut


rare winter ascent of a cool i90 climb


on descent of perhaps my fav peak in the n cascades


completly lost on the descent of a right-tricky bastard - decent enough landmark back there though


not technically appropriate and way too goddamn easy anyhow


great summit n' route even if the getting back down part was epic


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Since I'm the guest of dishonor in this thread, can I play? Ooooo oooo oooo! Please please!


The entries above are waaayy too easy. Name these summits. I dare ya! I double dumpster dog dare ya! mystery_summit.JPG





I didn't realize that bushwhacking around Barlow Pass qualified as a summit :lmao:
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