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The North Face Sues 'The South Butt' AHAHA


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I suspect that if I started a brand where I used the Nike logo upside I might get sued too. I do think its pretty funny, and the North Face should have a sense of humor about it, since no one is likely to confuse the two brands, and before all the publicity, the South Butt was hardly a contender to do any damage to TNF's market share.


People need to know how to laugh at themselves if you ask me.

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Someone should start a company named "North Face Products Suck Schweaties"


No way they could be sued for false advertising.


Seriously, their Chinese child/prison shit is so ghetto.


Apropos, considering their apparent target market.


.cept those basecamp penthouses, yo.

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Denalidave, I think i met you climbing in Vantage this summer. You said you didnt really like the area compared 11worth and other Washington crags... Sound like you?
Probably not me since I've never climbed at Vantage. Maybe though, stranger things have happened?


Haha ok. I thought the guy was crazy. Didnt like Vantage... Ha.

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