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The Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month 1)

Mountain Dew

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Liner socks will almost certainly solve your blister problem. If not, the problem will solve itself as your feet toughen up. Keep up the great work! I'm excited to see the one-month result.


Also, no photo record of your physique? That would be a great way to help yourself see the progress.


You want a photo?? OK, here I am in all my "Chubby glory"...





Oh the agony of being sooo overweight... I cannot wait until I firm up :lmao:

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Day 18




So now that we know what I "really" look like LOL, back to the show :)


Yesterday was a pretty good day overall. Calfs were still knotted in a muscle type clench so I decided that yesterday would be my "day of rest" sort to speak, since I want to be active this weekend.


Got in my Case of choplets from Amazon, so now I can eat stuff that is low in fat, taste good (to me), and I look forward to it!

Since last night was my Friday and I am off today, I drank a little more ETOH then I had been.... Those tic tacs go down a lot faster then beer does, and I think I drank about 7 of them?? Don't remember LOL


For dinner I made breakfast with pancakes, eggs, etc for the family... for myself I had 3 egg whites, scrambled them up and ate them with 2 of my choplets...


Little tiny walk but not really yesterday, as it was my off day. Did have to drive all the way to the Ocean for a soccer game, but it was worth it (they won) :)


Today when baby is up and kicking around I am thinking about taking her to the Nisqually wildlife place... I read they have about a mile long trail there that will be ok for her to do...


Have a super great weekend everyone, and stay safe no matter what you do!!!


To be cont.....

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DAY 19




Well yesterday my feet will still pretty blister ridden so I just took my 2yr old to the Nisqually wildlife place (very close to my home btw).


I enjoyed the fenced in boarded 1 mile path around the area because she could run free ahead of me. We had a chance to see many birds and even a bald eagle on a far away tree top (using one of the lookouts scopes). Walking at her pace it took us about 40 mins to walk around all the open trails, so at the end I put her up on my shoulders and did the whole route again and finished in about 21 mins. My blisters were not really bothered because most of the ground there is flat.


The one problem I did have though is my A$$ was killing me...damn it. I thought that problem was going away but it hasn't :anger::anger::anger:


I ate a good meal of rice and choplets for dinner and talked my wife and older daughter into going for another walk down at the wildlife place I had went that morning... My wife had never been there so I was glad she went with me. All of us walked the whole thing twice just like I had earlier in the day, so I guess even though I didn't get to hike any elevation today, I did get to get in 4 miles of walking.


My other problem though got worse before bed time, and I wound up drinking a couple of tic tacs before bed to help me sleep. It worked for a while, but the pain woke me up at 330am and I stayed up for a couple of hours... it sucks getting old LOL


This morning I ate 3 scrammbled egg whites for breakfast and I grabbed the baby to go down town to the Alpine Experience store and look for Liner socks... Tell you all about that tomorrow :)



to be cont....

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Day 20




Well as I was saying yesterday I headed to the Alpine Experience store in downtown Oly-town...Talk about a kid in a candy store! Tons of great stuff to buy there, and several things cheaper then the REI store in Tacoma... I would of bought a bunch of stuff but I would of had no idea what I was buying LOL.


So, I just settled for two pair of Liner socks (that were recommended here)... I am still pumped up to do this and wish I was ready now, but heck; most of the fun right now is in the anticipation :)


I stuck to my diet good yesterday and would of went walking or hiking a Ton, but my problem was driving me nuts still. Went back out and stopped by a local drug store to look for better remidies... What I found were some "white bullets".. Arggghhhh. I tried those and they did help for a while but I was running for the throne 15 mins after I used one :lmao:



Later in the evening I did feel a little better though and talked my wife into walking with me to Best Buy (40 min walk) to get a movie. Pushed a stroller or carried baby most of the way, and I felt better knowing that I did at least a little bit of exercise yesterday. The best news is, the Liner socks really worked!!! Even with 4-5 small blisters already on my feet, the inner socks helped my feet from hurting, and the blisters got no worse! Thanks for that idea everyone!


Today I helped to clean up the house and I am trying to twist my wifes arm to hike the mima falls trail I did a couple of weeks ago. Wish me luck! :)



to be cont...

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DAY 21



Yesterday I did indeed get my wife to go with me to the Mima Falls trail :)

The whole family hiked the trail and took us all a little over an hour both ways. My wife did ok, but did lay down on the picnic table at the falls to "rest" LOL. My 2 1/2 yo has not felt very well the last day so I wound up having to carry her 95% of the hike. Good for her and me... My baby got to rest and dad got to work out more with her 35+ lbs on his back.


My feet did really well. My old blisters still were there but I barely noticed them, and the best news is; with those liner socks I got no New hot spots while walking!


Now if my little "problem" would just freaking go away, I am ready to take it to my "next level" and start pushing myself harder....


I think my next purchase will be a good back pack. I want to buy the same size that I will need while in the mountains, that way I can get used to it and gradually add weight to it while I walk/hike.


I have read I need one 4,000 to 5,000 cubic inch capacity... Any suggestions on a good back pack brand that would meet this requirement and also have all the straps, pockets, etc that I will need later on??


Thanks in advance for your suggestions! :)



to be cont...

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a pack in the 50-60 liter range would suit you well for many things you're looking at (2-3 days) and as you progress and pick up lighter more compressible gear it'll get you to 4+ days and supplement with a smaller pack for shorter pursuits.


you'll find many suggestions and none of them wrong. good brands to pursue (short list) Osprey, Wild Things, Cilo Gear, Arc'Teryx, Black Diamond, Mammut and more.


look for a pack with not too many bells and whistles, top loading, ice axe loops, good hip belt and shoulder straps, and fits well.


i like Osprey packs mostly due to their fit for my torso as well as Arc'Teryx but dont like the price tag.


something you could transition from backing to modest mountaineering will give you a good bang for your buck. Osprey Aether series, Black Diamond Quantum, Gregory Z series come to mind.

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Thank you for the suggestions... I will look at some of those on line today...


Day 22




Had yesterday off again for the Columbus day Holiday... I am not Italian, but to celebrate Columbus day I did spend a few moments thinking of Hot Italian woman LOL




Took my youngest in her stroller for a two hour walk yesterday and kept my diet up. (so far so good).


Only problem is my problem...damn thing kept me laying awake in bed for 2-3 hours last night... I am exhausted today.... sorry, but not in the mood to type anymore today. Have a great day everyone. :)


To be cont...

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I had the same problem in my mid twenties for a year or two. I finally went in and had surgery to fix the "sit-uation". When the doc was done, he showed me the offending object, which was about 2-3 inches long, and kindly offered to let me take it home as a souvenir. Would have made a nice piece for a necklace or sumpin. After long consideration, I decided to pass on it. Those specialists are some funny bastards. Guess you'd have to have a pretty good sense of humor for that line of work.


"One in a million shot doc!" - Frank Costanza

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Why? You didn't like the Italian girl? ;) LOL



Day 23




Not a whole lot going on yesterday. Tried to not do any excercise to give my body some heal time, but couldn't help but do 15mins of stair stepping. Eating good, and feeling good still... If not for that one issue I would be 100% :)


Woke up at 1am and stayed awake; I couldn't get back to sleep. So, I watched TV until 330am then tried to sleep again... I hate when that happens, but at least I had a chance to watch a couple of Andrew Zimmermans shows I had not seen (love that show).


Here's to hump day... Hope all of you are enjoying these wet days we are now having.



to be cont...



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Ponderosa...that is one of the funniest things I have every read on here :lmao::lmao:



Day 24



Only 6 more days until the big "30 day weigh in"!! Can't wait to see if I have lost any of my blubber.


Meanwhile at the ranch... Mountain Dew cont's to eat right, not over drink, and soda's are now a thing of the past :)


As far as excercise, I forced myself to do None yesterday. If I am ever going to get inshape the way I want, I have to let my "problem" heal... So that is my goal for right now.


Have a great day, tomorrows Friday ;)



to be cont...

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There are plenty of us climbers out here who are...shall we say less than svelte. While it's true that the less extra weight you have to lug around on your body the better, you can still have all the strength and cardiovascular endurance you need to climb well. The more you climb and the more you enjoy climbing I bet you will find plenty of motivation to work out, watch the diet, and work toward your goals. If I have a big climbing trip planned...it does more for motivating me to drop the Nachos and Cuba Libres and head up Mt. Si 20 times with a 40 plus pound pack than all the nagging my wife can dish out. Keep up the good work.

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Day 25



I won't put "too much" into my weight, but I have to admit I do feel better since I have been watching my food intake and doing some exercise. I think my "problem" had to do with too much weight and pushing a little too hard at first (for me); but on a good note when I wake up in the morning my back does not hurt like it used to even 3 wks ago, and I am not getting out of breath as easy as I was either :)


I know I have it in me to get in shape. Back in the "old days" I remember doing around 500 situps a day and running around 5 miles a day as well... Of course that was like 50 pounds ago LOL


Not much too report yesterday. I made myself do a 2nd day of no stress to my body and I do feel a little better. I am going to give it 72 hours and see if it feels better... I am really trying to avoid a doctor visit if at all possible....


Well its TGIF, so I hope you all have a good today and having something Cool planned with your friends or family this weekend. Stay Safe, have a blast!!! :rocken:



to be cont...

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