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  1. "Oh shit mitts"

    Need to get some what does everybody on here use? More importantly, does dexterity or removable liner matter?
  2. Ice tools, jackets, shoes

    Hey everybody. I have for your consideration Size 9 mythos- $40 a pair of the older model black diamond cobras, with android leashes $275 -great tools, just got new ones for my b-day though!- [/img] two petzl attaches- $5 ascenders- $20 Other various "historical" fiddly bits- free. They should be in my photos if they don't show up here.
  3. Ice tools, jackets, shoes

    Ice tools still available, shoes available. Make me an offer! Chris
  4. Looking for climbing partners!

    Hey, I would be interested in a lot of these objectives. I'll be in Washington in september.
  5. TC pro fit issues.

    So, got a pair of TC pros. Wondering if they are the right size.. because they are actually comfy. I typically wear a 41.5 muira vs., have a size 9 mythos (wished they were 1/2 size smaller) and here I have a 42 and a 41.5 tc pro. So, how are you all fitting these? Do they stretch... like the mocassym? (wear a 9.5 in those) the 42, my little toes feel a bit cramped for space, big toe is mostly flat. 41.5 big toe is slightly curled, little toes cramped for space. Any insight?
  6. Hey Everybody, So, here's the dealio. I'm mere weeks away from finishing anesthesia school here in Ohio and I'm going to have a month or more to go climbing before I have to tell my job that I "want" to start working. I'm planning on making a schlep out to the west coast and I am looking for some climbing partners I could make contact with or people who know people, who knows some dude that climbs, etc... Some things about me: I'm 30. half dead, heh. I have reasonable fitness, and am in the process of kicking that up a notch this summer... therefore, cool, moderate alpine objectives could be a real possibility (especially Beckey routes in the N. Cascades). I have and will be bringing my own gear/car/etc... I'm not broke and can buy beer. I'll be budgeting heavily for it. I have some Alpine experience (Mt. Baker; attempt on Success Cleaver, Mt. Rainier; Pinnacle Gully, Mt. Washington. Not a red river sport weenie (no offense to those who are), and have led gear protected routes up to 11b before. My realistic climbing ability is probably more like 10b-d after sitting on my ass in the OR for Two years straight. With that said, I'm really good at being really cold for a really long time. I'm looking to do some seriously fun climbing this trip, have a blast, and meet some cool folks, do some cool stuff. Anybody down for some adventuring late Aug/Sept., holler at me. Chris
  7. Road tripping this AUG/SEPT?

    Thanks! Will be in touch
  8. Road tripping this AUG/SEPT?

    Also.. I will have a passport.
  9. hey, got a patagonia large navy blue (nylon shell)down sweater. Ok shape, couple small holes that were patched along the waist. Looking for 50 bucks out of it. still keeps ya warm, zip is in good shape. 614-596-0330 if interested! Thanks
  10. Hey guys and gals, I have for sale... [/image) nepal evos -45.5 325 obo (reasonable) used seriously 5 days... marmot down jacket size Large- small rip that was repaired on DAS Parka, blue size Large, no damage, 2010 model. primaloft. used 4 times? 150 OBO. Micropuff parka, red size large, no damage, 2007 continuous filament synthetic parka. 90 OBO. * All prices are somewhat negotiable, just send me a message. Thanks, Chris 614-596-0330. All shipping from Columbus, OHIO
  11. Micropuff sold. I still have marmot down jacket -35? Nepal Evo's 300 OBO size 45.5. (Was 325) would consider ~275 plus 10 for shipping. Blue DAS Parka, Large, 2010 - 120? Help a dood out! Chris
  12. ice screws

    two. next question.
  13. boots for sale...

    Nepal evos. size 45.5. used for 5 days... just a smidge too big. trade for a 45 or 300 obo. chris
  14. boots for sale...

    yep still have em. chris
  15. boots for sale...

    Hey man, Sure do! If your interested let me know. Chris
  16. Climbing books for sale

    I'll take the ice and mixed climbing off your hands... Chris
  17. Cams, shoes, and hooks

    I sent you a pm about a 1.0 tech cam.
  18. So, I've been to WA, and I've fallen in love with the summers and the mountains there... But, there's another "lady". Let's call her Colorado, not Colo"RAD"o. Anywho, I'm wanting to push my alpine rock climbing, ice, and overall ability year round... Here's the question: If you had to do it all over again, where would you move to??
  19. Where to move to....? HELP!!!

    I'm doing Anesthesia, namely I'm going to be a nurse anesthetist... maybe I could contract out to the military, but... I
  20. Hey ya'll I have a patagonia micropuff jacket Red, size large, used for one glacier slog (ie) brand new just about)... used it on mt. baker. after that nada. I have too many of these damned cold weather coats, how about 100 OBO. Chris
  21. 2007 Patagonia Micropuff jacket.

    Offers?? anybody?
  22. 2007 Patagonia Micropuff jacket.

    bumpity bump
  23. crampon technique.

    Hey where in ohio are you? I'm in columbus. I could maybe help? Chris
  24. Nano Puff Worth it?

    Here's my anectodtal experience; Late january running to get to the verizon store to replace my phone before they closed. Turning a corner in the parking lot I slipped on black ice. Wham, down! Anywho, ripped a big fucking gash in my pants, bleeding like a stuck pig I freaked because I just got the pullover. Looked at my throbbing elbow, because I knew I smacked on the asphalt, and there was one small imperceptible snag on the thing. That's it. I landed pretty square on my side I think it was a pretty even force distribution with some sliding involved. I would and will buy another. I love it.