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  1. Where the HECK has that guy been?

    WOW, it's been a long time since I wrote on here. No, I have not given up my dream but it has been put on "stand by" due to my medical problems. Just had (Finally) one of these violate me the other day (God, getting old sucks) LOL Had 3 Polyps removed and just have to wait now to make sure that they were not cancerous. My weight has "ballooned" back to 166 (not too bad), and I plan on getting back out on the trails soon! Hope you all are doing great and having fun reaching for the sky! :grin:
  2. In the past (having military experience) I have watched Military movies and in doing so I have noticed many mistakes, that may not of been noticed by someone that has never been in the Military... With that in mind, I rented this movie last night and watched it: Since you are all the experts here (more then I thats for sure), could you point out what are the parts of the movie that were "Totally Off Base"... Thanks, it will be interesting to read your responses while the movie is fresh in my head
  3. A Grocery List of Dumb Newb Questions!

    OK, here is a list of questions I have about climbing Mount Rainier even though I am years away from attempting it: 1. Even though with weather being unpredictable, what is the Best Time of Year (month) to try and make your first climb? 2. How many people here attempted their first Mt Rainier climb without a guide service? 3. What are the "Must Have" things that each climber must have with them? (looking for a list of things...boots, water supply, other equipment, How much food and what kind, etc, etc) 4. Why do people always write that they start the climb from Muir at Midnight or 1am? Why not wait until the sun comes up? 5. What is this registar book I read about...is there a "sign in" book at the top? 6. What exactly is Altitude sickness? 7. What is "push breathing"? 8. Are there mandatory classes you must attend before obtaining a climbing permit? 9. What is your list of Newbie Mistakes that you have seen or heard about? 10. What are the chances Jessica Alba will be free to go with me on my first attempt? Thanks in advance for reading this, look forward to your answers!!! :)
  4. My friend... Let's call him C-bone. He is an ex-infantry guy who has shot several "bad guys" in the war...tuff guy; macho man, etc etc... Well today, I drive him up in the car to the farest I can drive to Cap Peak so we can walk up to the 'summit' and he can see the views I described to him. He would not get out of the car without his 45... the reason?? Because he has seen a bear before on Ft Lewis and it 'chased him'!! He spent the rest of the day (when we were back at work) showing me statistics on Bear attacks, and how many thousand bears there are in Washington, and how a 45 hand gun won't stop them, and how they want to eat you, and kill you, and spit on you, and moleste you, etc etc etc .... Any thing bad about bears he could find he showed it to me... I have to admit, that this "macho" man-slayer now has me nervous of Bears in the mountains/peaks/valleys/trails, etc... PLEAAAASSSSEEEEE tell me how to overcome this..!!!!!!!!! If I cannot overcome this anxiety, I might as well dress up like a indian cheif, or a cop, and become a member of the
  5. Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month TWO)

    Month 2 Day 1 10-21-09 183 Month 1 wt 166.5 Month 2 wt Great news for all of you who get tired of seeing me post so much LOL I am only going to do weekly updates for this month. Posting daily my 1st month sure helped a lot to keep myself motivated to lose wt and start getting in shape, but I think now I am pretty much in a groove and will just post weekly Thanks for all your help and encouragment; Couldn't of did it without all of you!! See you in a week, have a great one to be cont...
  6. Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month TWO)

    Well... A whole month gone by, and not a whole lot to report to be honest with you. My medical problem has been a pain in my A$$ most of the month. My new years resolution will be to have it checked out if it is not better by then. As far as excercise the last time I walked was Nov 1st, so it has been 3 weeks without any walking. On and off I have been doing my home made stair stepper. I increased the time to 45min instead of 30. Bad news is though, every time I do it, by problem flares up. So I am just waiting patiently for that to blow over before getting "back on the horse". I am still doing good with my eating, and even rewarding myself once a week so that way I am not starving myself or just eating foods I don't really enjoy. Drinking... well, that is another story. I had to quit drinking mixed drinks because it is too dang expensive. So I went back to beer for the cost. I am trying to limit my intake though and only drink my fill on the weekend My weight as you can imagine has not dropped a whole lot because of lack of excercise. BUT, because of eating right, etc, I still have lost a little bit... My new Wt is: 160! So that is a total of 23 pounds lost since I started 2 months ago Hope all of you are doing great! Still come on a few times a week to read and always enjoy reading the TR's. Stay safe this winter everyone and have a great Turkey Day!!!
  7. Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month TWO)

    Month 2 is over! Have a ton of work today, but I will squeeze in some time to report what has transpired a little later today...
  8. Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month TWO)

    Still here Grandpa Just reading mostly and keeping up my excercise and diet as best I can... Will re-weight myself at the end of 2 months (around the 21st) and report for everyone
  9. So far I only have two... Freedom (which I am slowly absorbing 1 chapter at a time) and Mt Rainier - A climbing Guide by Mike Gauthier I really love the book by Mike G. I am re-reading it (my 3rd time). I would really love to read more GOOD books on mountain climbing and people experiences... List your top 10 books that you have read here. I will try to buy some of them and help keep myself motivated during the winter months!
  10. Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month TWO)

    I am still around! Not a single bit of Halloween Candy for this guy. LOL Never was a candyman fan anyway. I have been sticking to my diet well and walking as much as my bumm would let me. Will give you all an update this week
  11. The Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month 1)

    The Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month 1) Day 1: 183 Well it has started... The journey of a 44 year old, over weight beer guzzling guy; and his kid’s goal to summit Mt Rainier someday. It all started last evening. On my way home from work after posting on this site, I found new strength and determination to make this dream a reality. I knew I would have to start out slow and overcome a lot of obstacles. Mentally I made a list of what I needed to do: Stop smoking ~ This is gonna be hard; it is a 26 yr old habit Stop drinking so much ~ Around Oct 2001 started drinking on a daily basis. I had drank before on occasion to help me sleep through the night (after 3 combat deployments in my youth I sleep way too light and wake up frequently), but the added stress of my new job made me step it up a notch to where I now can drink a least a 6 pack a night without feeling a buzz… Of course I consume more on the weekends! Start eating right ~ Right now I only eat about once a day, and then I eat until I am stuffed… I know this is not good. I also eat anything I want (which in my case is bad). Start getting in shape ~ Right now I have no exercise in my life period! That changes now. I am not quite as heavy as I thought. I feel 200 but I am only 183 as noted at the top in red. (I will weigh myself monthly to monitor my progress and let you all know where I am at). Stop drinking soda like it is water ~ Hence my name, I drink Mountain Dew like a vampire sucks blood! It is the first thing I do when I wake up (while having a smoke of course). It is also the last thing I drink at night (washes out the taste of all the beer) LOL I also drink around 4-6 during the day at work. I don’t drink coffee, but I sure make up for it by swilling my “golden green elixir of the Gods” (as I like to call it). With all that in mind I approached my oldest daughter to get a time limit for my goals; “When do you want to climb Mt Rainier”? “Before I graduate HS” She replied. So there I had it. 4 years to get this done. I feel this is a reasonable goal… The sounds of “Eye of the Tiger” started playing in my head as I made our dinner of spaghetti!!! I took my first baby step by only eating ¼ pound of spaghetti instead of my normal ½ pound. After words I had the kids jump in the car and we headed to REI in Tacoma. I tried to get my wife to come along and join in and become a part of our 4 yr journey, but she gracefully declined and continued to read her “Twilight Fan – Fiction” on the computer LOL. As we made our way to REI I had decided just to pick up the necessary hiking shoes/boots that would be needed to start hiking. As people suggested here, starting out with some nice easy hikes would be a good start. This past weekend we had wore tennis shoes and even flip flops (me), and that would not work if we were going to do this seriously. Entering the store my daughter and I “oohed” and smiled as we saw the pick ax door handles! Oh boy, good times lay within! After picking out what appeared to be a decent pair of hiking boots for my oldest daughter and I (both got Merrell Gortex), I was ready to head to the check out. Of course my Teenager was not going to let it be that easy. Peering at me with her “One big brown eye” (the other one covered by her emo bangs), she pleaded for a North Face Denali jacket and hiking pants… arrgghh, I should of seen this coming. Of course I agreed being the sucker for my kids that I am and let her throw the extra stuff in the cart. Not to be out done, my 2 year old wanted some cloths as well… So with two jackets, 2 pants for the kids, 3 pair of boots, and a few pairs of wool socks I went to the cash register where the salesman told me to bend over while he ripped $532.00 out of my butt!!! So that is it. This weekend will be our first hike. I am going to look into the capital forest area that someone here suggested… And I am also going to start a journal of my daily “struggle” to be the mountain man my daughter wants me to be…. I’ll keep you all posted To Be Continued (I hope)…
  12. The Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month 1)

    Thanks for all the kudo's everyone ... and yes Pete; I am only 66"
  13. The Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month 1)

    DAY 30 10-20-09 VERY excited yesterday with DAY 30 finally arriving!!! I knew this would be my last day and that this morning I would be able to weigh my self in! I ate my normal three meals yesterday and right after work with dinner my wife didn't feel well and my kids had ate, so for dinner I ate 2 choplets, navy beans, and some cranberry sauce. Drank a couple of tic tacs to wash it down and then had to run my daughter to her soccer game. Walked around the field for about 20 mins before the game, but really didn't get any good excercise until I got home. Around 930pm until 1000pm I did my 30 mins step up excercise I had did early this month. My 'problem' feels a lot better so I had no problem doing it... Thats it for yesterday, day 30... This morning I was excited to get into work. Dropped my daughter off at HS, and then when I made it to work the first thing I did was run to the bathroom to jump on the scales. I made sure it was still calibrated right then stripped down to t-shirt, boxers, and socks just like I weighed in before... The big moment was here! Last month (Sept 21st) I weighed in at 183 pounds... What would today's weight be?? .....drumroll..... ..."I will be happy with 3 pounds of loss" I thought to myself as I jumped on the scale..... the results: 166 1/2 !!!!!!!!!!!!! My total weight loss has been 16.5 pounds in 30 days!!!! 8D :) To be cont on a new monthly thread tomorrow!
  14. The Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month 1)

    Day 29 10-19-09 Very excited, 1 more day to go to knock out my first 30 days I started my evening walks again and it felt Great!!! My 2 1/2 yo and I started doing what we call "Pumpkin Hunting"... All that means is we walk around a different neighborhood each night/evening and we look at peoples pumpkins, ghosts, or any holloween decorations. My little one loves it and it gives me the excuse to walk around for at least an hour and of course I carry her most the way. For dinner I made NewZeland Greenlip Mussels by melting some butter, garlic, and a pinch of salt n pepper. I brushed those on the mussels after I put them on a baking sheet and added about a 1/4 tsp of white wine to each one before baking them at around 350 for 15 minutes. I didn't eat any (don't like shell fish), but my family said they tasted like Heaven!! Have a great day, Monday is over to be cont....
  15. The Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month 1)

    DAY 26, 27, 28 10-16 TO 10-18-09 Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was boring and long. Never got up to snuff on my phyical issues and just started feeling a little better last evening so I finally went out for an hour walk. Felt good to be back at it. Most of my weekend was spent going places with my kids and spoiling them as best I could. Both kids have a cold so it was a lot of laying around the house after we would go somewhere in the morning... I did get to watch more foot ball then I have in the past though Only 2 more days until I get to "Weigh in", I am excited for that because (at least in my eyes) I think I have lost some weight... We shall see though. I look forward to feeling 100% again and getting out and at least start hiking again. Very pumped up and still motivated to make this happen! Oh crap... I have to work now, darn Mondays!!! LOL to be cont...
  16. The Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month 1)

    Day 25 10-15-09 I won't put "too much" into my weight, but I have to admit I do feel better since I have been watching my food intake and doing some exercise. I think my "problem" had to do with too much weight and pushing a little too hard at first (for me); but on a good note when I wake up in the morning my back does not hurt like it used to even 3 wks ago, and I am not getting out of breath as easy as I was either I know I have it in me to get in shape. Back in the "old days" I remember doing around 500 situps a day and running around 5 miles a day as well... Of course that was like 50 pounds ago LOL Not much too report yesterday. I made myself do a 2nd day of no stress to my body and I do feel a little better. I am going to give it 72 hours and see if it feels better... I am really trying to avoid a doctor visit if at all possible.... Well its TGIF, so I hope you all have a good today and having something Cool planned with your friends or family this weekend. Stay Safe, have a blast!!! to be cont...
  17. The Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month 1)

    Ponderosa...that is one of the funniest things I have every read on here Day 24 10-14-09 Only 6 more days until the big "30 day weigh in"!! Can't wait to see if I have lost any of my blubber. Meanwhile at the ranch... Mountain Dew cont's to eat right, not over drink, and soda's are now a thing of the past As far as excercise, I forced myself to do None yesterday. If I am ever going to get inshape the way I want, I have to let my "problem" heal... So that is my goal for right now. Have a great day, tomorrows Friday to be cont...
  18. The Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month 1)

    Why? You didn't like the Italian girl? LOL Day 23 10-13-09 Not a whole lot going on yesterday. Tried to not do any excercise to give my body some heal time, but couldn't help but do 15mins of stair stepping. Eating good, and feeling good still... If not for that one issue I would be 100% Woke up at 1am and stayed awake; I couldn't get back to sleep. So, I watched TV until 330am then tried to sleep again... I hate when that happens, but at least I had a chance to watch a couple of Andrew Zimmermans shows I had not seen (love that show). Here's to hump day... Hope all of you are enjoying these wet days we are now having. to be cont...
  19. The Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month 1)

    Pete H, your response had me I have the PrepH supp's now Bug, prob is I keep "shattin'" them out! :lmao:
  20. The Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month 1)

    Thank you for the suggestions... I will look at some of those on line today... Day 22 10-12-09 Had yesterday off again for the Columbus day Holiday... I am not Italian, but to celebrate Columbus day I did spend a few moments thinking of Hot Italian woman LOL Took my youngest in her stroller for a two hour walk yesterday and kept my diet up. (so far so good). Only problem is my problem...damn thing kept me laying awake in bed for 2-3 hours last night... I am exhausted today.... sorry, but not in the mood to type anymore today. Have a great day everyone. To be cont...
  21. List your TOP 10 Books on Mountain Climbing!!

    Great list Denali-D! Thanks, I will start looking them up
  22. Video Training

    I hate to say this because I know sooo many people swear by this book; but I must agree with RyanB. It is more of a tech manuel imo, and I am having a hard time learning from it while I read... Maybe its just me
  23. Touching the Void question...

    Among all the other stuff I did this weekend, I also watched this movie last night: I enjoyed the movie and the special features that showed Joe and Simon's trip back to the mountain where it happened... My question is; What were your feelings about what Simon did? When I first saw it I was mad at him... but the more I think about it I understand why... What was your initial reaction when you first saw or read about this story?
  24. Touching the Void question...

    I will look for this book on Amazon; Sounds good!
  25. The Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month 1)

    DAY 21 10-11-09 Yesterday I did indeed get my wife to go with me to the Mima Falls trail The whole family hiked the trail and took us all a little over an hour both ways. My wife did ok, but did lay down on the picnic table at the falls to "rest" LOL. My 2 1/2 yo has not felt very well the last day so I wound up having to carry her 95% of the hike. Good for her and me... My baby got to rest and dad got to work out more with her 35+ lbs on his back. My feet did really well. My old blisters still were there but I barely noticed them, and the best news is; with those liner socks I got no New hot spots while walking! Now if my little "problem" would just freaking go away, I am ready to take it to my "next level" and start pushing myself harder.... I think my next purchase will be a good back pack. I want to buy the same size that I will need while in the mountains, that way I can get used to it and gradually add weight to it while I walk/hike. I have read I need one 4,000 to 5,000 cubic inch capacity... Any suggestions on a good back pack brand that would meet this requirement and also have all the straps, pockets, etc that I will need later on?? Thanks in advance for your suggestions! to be cont...