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The Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month 1)

Mountain Dew

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Doh! Wish I would of read this first... Just got back home from my "Family hike"....


and here we go....................



DAY 6 (9-26-09)




Well first I will start out with last night... Even though I was going to treat myself to a 6'er (thats six beers to you non-drunkos) LOL; I kept it down to five :) Got to bed early while watching the latest Naruto box set that I had picked up for my wife and daughter (they love cartoons).


Got up around 7am and woke up the kids. While they got ready I made them some eggs and ate a bowl of raisen bran myself. With our little bags full of 4 water bottles and 1st aid kit and a couple of cheapy type caribiners we headed off to the Capitol Forest and the same 2.5mile trail I did the day before.


It was nice and sunny and warm and before we started I tried to explain to my 2yo that she should Not play with Horse Poop. I also tied a bit of cloth line (around 3 yards) to a the Caribiner and attached one to my little one's belt loop and one to mine. (this would keep her from getting too far ahead of me I hoped).


Both kids did great! My 14yo who is in Fantastic shape rolled her eyes at me when ever I asked if she was ok and not getting tired. The little one of course can not take very big steps and stopped all the time to look at trees, grasshoppers, mud, horse poop, and all the other things that fascinate 2 yr olds. :)


Total trip time to the falls was 1 hr and 40 mins. When we got there we ate some beef jerky and drank lots of water. My teenager also drank from the creek so she will be getting "Giardia" along with me... :blush: She also put a little in an empty bottle to bring back to her mommy so she could taste it! (Doh)


The baby made it the Whole Way without being carried and I know she was pooped because she had asked me to pick her up a couple of times... Feeling bad because I made her walk the whole way I decided to give my teen my tiny back pack and carry my 2 yr old the entire way back. The trip back only took about 59 minutes and we picked up the pace and my baby sat on my shoulders the whole way! (that made me nice and sweaty by the time we got to the car). On the way back we came upon some bikers and the lead bikers shouted back; "Hikers"! We moved out of the way and let them pass... after they had gone my teenager turned to me and said; "Hey dad, they called us Hikers". I said; "Cause we are now"! :) :) :)



At home now and have to get washed up to go to a family party we agreed to go to.... My blisters are back and now I have a very painful one on the outside of my big right toe... Hopefully the more I get in shape, the sooner my feet will toughen up!


oh...mom drank a sip of creek water when my teenager told her to drink some.... Oh well, we may all wind up on the crapper at the party! :lmao:....



Hope you all are having a great day as well...



To be cont...

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Thanks for the suggestion :)


Now onto yesterday...



And on the 7th day................



Day 7




Not a whole lot to report on yesterday as far as working out or getting ready. Feet still hurt and blisters were still fresh so (like many suggested here) I took a day of rest :)


I did continue to eat as good as I could though. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner... I think the biggest news is I went Sat and Sunday with NO soda's!!! Went the WHOLE weekend and drank nothing but Water, a little Milk, and 4 beers total both Sat and Sun. That is a Huge change for me.


Overall I feel GREAT, and I am ready to get back to it today.


Oh, we did go to rent movies yesterday and inquired on any mountain climbing movies.... That will be another topic though ;)




To be cont....

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Day 8





Well I was glad to get back on track yesterday. Ate a small breakfast and lunch and forced myself to moderate my dinner.


It was raining after dinner and my oldest was busy doing homework so me and the youngin' bundled up for a walk in the rain. I put her in a stroller to make better time since it was raining out and did not want to get baby soaked. I did the same walk that I did last week but shaved 8 mins off our time. Felt great, and my feet already feel recovered after the one day off...


My milestone moment for the day was not having any Beer in the house!! :shock::shock::shock:


(Probably for the 1st time in 8 years). To relate to you how big a deal that is for me let me tell you; in the past I have been on my sick bed with pnumonia and O2 Sat's of 89% and still drank beer LOL, so not having any in the house is Major for me... Could not shake the urge to go "totally dry", so I had a small glass of milk with a shot of my wifes old Kalua that had been in the fridge for a year. It took the edge of my desire to drink anymore last evening...hoping tonight I can go without totally without any ETOH for the evening :brew:


On a sad note, I may not get to do any excercise today at all! ...

I am having a small medical problem that is racking me with pain. I am drinking more water and doing a couple of other things to help overcome the "problem"... Hopefully it goes away very very soon! I am sitting here at work and I can barely concetrate on typing this due to the discomfort... I would share the problem, but it is rather personal...






To be Cont...I hope! :cry:

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My Overall very Crappy Day :(



Yesterday was an overall Crappy day for me for several reasons with very few good points...


Eating: At least in this area I thought I was good (somewhat), I did eat some branflakes for breakfast and had a small cup of Oatmeal (which Emerald City Smoothies are now serving) for lunch... Did not get home until late though and family was begging to stop by McDonalds... Had no idea what I should get that was "Healthy", so I wound up eating just a "McFish" sandwich; (Still felt guilty eating there)...


Working out: Nothing!! This really bothered me. Did not walk, did nothing at all. It wasn't that I didn't want to, it was just that my problem (little medical issue I talked about yesterday) has made it very hard for me to walk any great distance over a few feet. I am hoping a "day off" will give it a chance to heal. So I felt very bad and when I laid on the bed at night, I felt like I was gaining weight just laying there LOL


ETOH Use: Still have not bought any Brew for my house, but that damn Kalua was still there and when I got home around 9pm I was so upset over my overall crappy day that I had a drink, (damnit!), I was hoping to go a whole day without any... :(


Personal life: Well my worked day sucked A$$! Then I rush home to get my daughter to her Soccer game and they play the best team in their league and get Spanked hard! (it was hard to watch), then my wife is stressed out on top of that because of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Polynesia...



"Whole villages wiped away in Samoa"


She was actually born there and has a lot of family there still...:(



So overall a bad day.... then this morning my "little problem" still has me nervous and I was scared to eat breakfast (did force down a small piece of beef jerky)...






Here's to a better day today! :grin:


To be cont.................

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life's a roller coaster my man...has its ups and downs...just ride it out and you'll be back on the up swing before you know it!


dont beat yourself up tho...stay motivated and focus on the positives!


and fyi...mickey d's...go the route of their chicken sandwiches the most "nutritious" option

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Don't get down on yourself. One day without exercise is not bad at all. And the fact that you noticed you didn't exercise shows how amazingly far you've come in just 9 days! Well done. keep up the work. and a shot of kalua sounds like another huge improvement from 6 beers a night. you're doing awesome. keep it up, it's really awesome reading about what you're doing for yourself and family!

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keep up the good work amigo.. i had such a 'problem' once while way up in the mountains in venezeula with my friends right after college. cept it was external and bleeding--oh my god talk about a bad time. i ended up having to ask my friend's old grandfather in caracas who was a doctor for some advice once we arrived there--and then i layed around the house for a few days while my friends went around the town. misery! *and thankfully never again!*


I will echo what the two previous folks said--seriously.


I think it is great you are eating bran and not having any brews in the house but I don't think you honestly have to go that hardcore so quickly (unless you are loving it--then by all means keep with). Basically if you are feeling like you are depriving yourself/fighting with your desires and if you are labeling drinking beer or not walking 1 day or eating at mcdonalds (cause the fam wanted to) as 'BAD' then it kind of sets up a whole feel-bad-shame cycle when you do partake in those or when the three of them line up. None of that is bad - what is bad doing things to excess-or not being consistent (8 beers and BBQ 2 days in a row, then 2 days of starving yourself). All of it is 'okay' - in moderation, especially at the start. You could look at making some short-term and long-term goals like "this week...9 beers"...or "6 beers" or whatever...and a longer term one "in 3 months I can walk 3 miles with no next-day pain" "in 5 months I only drink mt dew occasionally" etc.



keep up the good work, stay positive!

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DAY 10




Whoa, time sure flys by...10 days already LOL :)


Thank you for the well wishes and you'll be happy to know none of my wife's family was killed. Yes she is Samoan, but you would never tell by looking at her...most people think she is from someother country because she is smaller and more petite then most people expect a Samoan to be.


As far as me, not much happened yesterday.


Eating habits were good and even did my grocery shopping and bought a ton of "healthy type" foods for my lunch and breakfast and dinners. (of course still bought good things for the family too) ;)


My little problem is feeling better with the start of a couple of medicines...I hope to be at my normal "overweight feeling self" soon so I can start doing some excercise again. I am really hoping that I feel better by Saturday so me and the kids can go hiking again, but I won't push it. I would rather wait and be safe then rush into it and start my "problem" all over again.


As far as drinking, I am Shocked to say that I am not missing the Beer at all.... My body (and mind) seem quite content with just that little shot of Kalua and Milk...


Hope everyone here has a great day!!!



To be cont.........

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Forced down time (of any sort) is great for looking through Freedom of Hills, and going through guide books to start planning your next big trip. Having a definite, next near term trip (whether that be hiking, backpacking, or climbing) is often a great way to stay focused an motivated! My wife used to hang a picture of Mt. Baker on the wall when she was getting ready for the it :)

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Great idea! I am looking forward to my copy of Freedom of the Hills and the other book about Rainier... I recvd an Email on Tuesday saying it shipped! :)

if you ever need to track down a book local REI, Feathered Friends and the likes carry a pretty good selection...i'm sure even the new Mounties getup has a bookstore full of climbing resources

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DAY 11




Well yesterday I started my 3rd day of mostily inactivity. I did eat right by eating a small breakfast then I even packed my own lunch for work...


I ate about a half a cup of:




and a half a cup of:






Some of you may say "Yuck", but I am not punishing my taste buds, I really do like Navy Beans and Cottege Cheese (fat free or other wise) :)



After work we went to our Thursday night soccer game to watch my Daughter play and then later I prepared our dinner (I am the cook in the house if you haven't noticed yet)


I baked some filets of Flounder and some baby peeled shrimp, along with some angel hair pasta. With Dinner I drank Cranberry Juice (I had drank my Kalua and Milk while I made dinner). I will admit that dinner took a little longer to prepare and I wound up drinking 2 K&M's instead of one ;)



My "problem" was feeling a little better and I felt the Urge to excercise after dinner...it was weird, it was like I "had" to excercise... it really bothered me. So I threw on my shoes and a rain jacket and went for a 50 minute walk by myself. I was a little sore "down there" afterwards, but I felt so much better :)



This morning I decided to do something a little different and grabbed my teenagers old




and rode it to work!! Now that felt Really Really weird LOL, it has been forever since I rode a bike!!!


Hope everyone has an awesome Friday, and a great weekend!!!


More to come....

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Day 12




Quick summary of yesterday (and most of today)..


Rode my bike home after riding it to work (was my dtr's bike actually)...Bad idea. My butt was killing me last night LOL


Ate some baked chicken breast, rice, and corn for dinner and even though I was sore from the bike ride I took my youngest on a 1 hour walk around 8pm. Carried her on the way back on my shoulders, so she is filling in nicely for my "Early back pack" training :)


Friday is my night to "Par-tay", but could not drink more then 3 Kalua's and milk.... mmmmmmm maybe I am not as much of an "alcholic" as I thought :lmao:


Today my problem is still with me, so just took my 2 yo to walk around Tumwater Falls area and then came home to make early dinner (cause my oldest is going to the movies). After making pasta and a salad me and my youngest went for another little walk for about 45 mins.


Best news of all though.....I got Freedom of the Hills in the mail yesterday!!! I also got a mountaineer book just about Mt Rainier; I dove right into the book and read the 1st two chapters last night.... then I realized the book is WAY more detailed then I thought... So, I am going to hold off on Freedom and read the Mt Rainier book first.


The main reason is because when I read Freedom I don't want to rush though it and I will probably pull out a highlighter to note important areas....


All in all, a great start to my weekend!


To be cont.....

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