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The Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month 1)

Mountain Dew

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DAY 26, 27, 28

10-16 TO 10-18-09




Hope you all had a great weekend! :)


Mine was boring and long. Never got up to snuff on my phyical issues and just started feeling a little better last evening so I finally went out for an hour walk. Felt good to be back at it. Most of my weekend was spent going places with my kids and spoiling them as best I could. Both kids have a cold so it was a lot of laying around the house after we would go somewhere in the morning... I did get to watch more foot ball then I have in the past though ;)


Only 2 more days until I get to "Weigh in", I am excited for that because (at least in my eyes) I think I have lost some weight... We shall see though.


I look forward to feeling 100% again and getting out and at least start hiking again. Very pumped up and still motivated to make this happen!


Oh crap... I have to work now, darn Mondays!!! LOL




to be cont...

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Day 29



Very excited, 1 more day to go to knock out my first 30 days :)


I started my evening walks again and it felt Great!!! My 2 1/2 yo and I started doing what we call "Pumpkin Hunting"... All that means is we walk around a different neighborhood each night/evening and we look at peoples pumpkins, ghosts, or any holloween decorations. My little one loves it and it gives me the excuse to walk around for at least an hour and of course I carry her most the way.


For dinner I made NewZeland Greenlip Mussels by melting some butter, garlic, and a pinch of salt n pepper. I brushed those on the mussels after I put them on a baking sheet and added about a 1/4 tsp of white wine to each one before baking them at around 350 for 15 minutes. I didn't eat any (don't like shell fish), but my family said they tasted like Heaven!! :)


Have a great day, Monday is over ;)



to be cont....

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DAY 30




VERY excited yesterday with DAY 30 finally arriving!!! I knew this would be my last day and that this morning I would be able to weigh my self in!


I ate my normal three meals yesterday and right after work with dinner my wife didn't feel well and my kids had ate, so for dinner I ate 2 choplets, navy beans, and some cranberry sauce. Drank a couple of tic tacs to wash it down and then had to run my daughter to her soccer game.


Walked around the field for about 20 mins before the game, but really didn't get any good excercise until I got home. Around 930pm until 1000pm I did my 30 mins step up excercise I had did early this month. My 'problem' feels a lot better so I had no problem doing it...


Thats it for yesterday, day 30...


This morning I was excited to get into work.



Dropped my daughter off at HS, and then when I made it to work the first thing I did was run to the bathroom to jump on the scales. I made sure it was still calibrated right then stripped down to t-shirt, boxers, and socks just like I weighed in before...



The big moment was here! Last month (Sept 21st) I weighed in at 183 pounds... What would today's weight be??







..."I will be happy with 3 pounds of loss" I thought to myself as I jumped on the scale.....




the results:




166 1/2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!



My total weight loss has been 16.5 pounds in 30 days!!!! :fahq::rocken::moondance: 8D :) :) :)



To be cont on a new monthly thread tomorrow!

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mountain dew that is AWESOME. and to lose 16.5 lbs that is a ton in a month!!!!! However, when you have the most to lose it goes the quickest (with good habits and exercise). The awesome thing about the 16.5 lbs is that you know it is not some 'water weight' or a matter of not having taken a dump or something--its truly fat you burned off!


I bet you would have even lost weight with just eating healthier/regularly instead of 1 big meal a day--your metabolism picks up instead of going through a feast-famine cycle daily. but kudos to you for the awesome work!!!!! I think if you've done a full month this well the second will be easier because you already have some new routines and success to build upon.


great job!



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