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Is Mount Stuart Technicle?

Josh Lewis

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Coming straight off Josh list"


"Many clipping carribeaners" as opposed to the non-clipping welded-closed type? Or are these just the types that like to sail around the Bahama's.


"Rope (Although if anyone has any climbing rope, it may be lighter than ours so that would be nice to bring, especially if there are two teams." Umm, what type of rope were you planning on using? Clothesline?


"Chess Harness (or Tubular Webbing Sling)" 'cause a checkers harness just isn't as cool.


"Boots (Perferably Mountaineering Boots)" Because climbing Rainier in 6-inch stilettos may sound like a good idea, but really isn't.


"We hope to assign people to carry gear, and perhaps bring gear" Darn, I was hoping I could hike up naked, and find a big pile of gear at Muir.


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I believe this is the most entertaining post I have seen on this site. It's only close competition is the Rainer post regarding the upcoming attempt this weekend.

If the links to NW hiker and the trip reports posted there are followed it is even better, full of laughs and unending astonishment at the whole situation.

Thank you everyone for making this one of the most entertaining weeks on CC to date.

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Posting in a sahara hat thread. This one's got legs.


That photo of the "ice axe attack" is incredible.


Josh, keep on keepin' on. Just don't die.

Thanks! It was a fun trip! Now you have to remember, I don;t die so easily.... but I'm not saying I'm invinsible, I know my limits.

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I don;t die so easily.... but I'm not saying I'm invinsible, I know my limits.


That is what we are all hoping.

I have had a number of good friends die in the mountains after years or decades of climbing.

I took a 60 foot grounder at 19 yrs and knew I was dead. Pushed my limits knowing full well I was pushing my limits. Got VERY lucky and was unhurt. Felt very stupid on the way down though.

Hope you never feel that stupid thing.


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I took a 60 foot grounder at 19 yrs and knew I was dead. Pushed my limits knowing full well I was pushing my limits.



Was this when you where rapping off you mom's chimney? Rope slip? Chimney fell apart?

It was a 5.9 variation off the 5th or sixth pitch of Royal Arches Direct. It is a crack that keeps getting wider all the way up. Starts with hands and finishes with wide fists. I was half way up it when I placed my last big piece as high as it would go. I looked up and looked down. Down was about 25 feet. Up was about 35 feet where there was a fixed hex. It was obviously within my abilities but also an obvious grounder once I got up another 20 feet or so. I decided to go for it and made it up to the hex easily. I was "locked off" and reaching for a sling when I popped. I watched the trees on the valley floor grow rapidly. I remembered a story about a guy on a sailing ship that fell from the rigging. He went totally limp "like a sack of potatoes" and was unhurt. So I did the same. I bounced off the ledge and the rope caught me. It was a hard bounce. I laid down and treated myself for shock. I checked everything for damages. There were big bleeding srapes on each forearm and a fairly deep cut on my knee. Nothing requiring a doctor or even a band-aid. Just a lot of hydrogen peroxide. I focused on my back and neck. No pain. I focused on my internal organs. No pain.

We pulled the rope and rapped off. The next day we went back and cleaned the three pieces I had left.

Falling 60 ft gives you plenty of time to consider the wisdom of your actions leading up to the falling event. Double that and you would probably think enough to write a book on the frailty of life and the wisdom of seeking adrenaline rushes.

Go forth and climb with determination and grit.

Endure your limits. They will decrease with time and experience.

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OK bug, I was just joking about the "chimney" rap....


You know, we all did it at one time....




On another note you survived... Many others did not. Our spirit of this "sport" is in memory of those that did not "make it" in their persuit of the "sport".



"Far, du er altil med mig på the loftige steder..."


Josh: That's a Danish "i'm Sorry for being a rotten kid" euology. My Dad died Mountaineering, in his late 50's. He had the same spirit you do. Abandon safety, summits we shall seek!!!

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No.... it was when I duct taped my feet so that I wouldn't get frost bite! It was very cold!



Ummm,..... Is that not a sleeping bag in the back ground? I think I would choose sleeping bag over duct tape if I was cold. But then again, what do I know. Retards do all sorts of strange shit. :crazy:

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