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  1. The second photo is of Punch Bowl Falls on the Eagle creek trail. Just up the trail from Punch bowl is tunnel falls. You hike through a tunnel under the falls. 12 + miles rt.
  2. That pic is the BOMB! love it!
  3. couple of my friends went up there last year and wrote a good report that may help ya. the mole
  4. Ahh...I was wondering where your awesome trs had gone too. I have been waiting for something more local and repetitive. Not to my surprise you bring us (some what) new greatness again. ;-) Thanks. I wish the snow was better for ya.
  5. tazz

    Hood Pics

    Some really nice images above to choose from. Here are a few of mine. feb 2006 April 2006 Feb 2006 Dec 2006 Feb 2006
  6. tazz

    Four Loko!

    ok my links suck and I am clueless how to make them work. I guess too much loko...heh
  7. tazz

    Four Loko!

    Carla is evil klenke! Evil I say! I never touched that evil eye crap though. But she ever so cleverly forced me to drink this stuff. It taste like shit but oh it works so well. hahaha. ;-) first it was Joose...blahhhh then the LOKO...ruhh rohhh [img:left] [/img] carla is EVIL...;-)
  8. I found summer! Its East! I tell ya...go East!!
  9. Partners found! have a great weekend folks!!
  10. I have heard of most peaks but this one if a new one for me. Great area and looks like a fun peak. I know the feeling watching our young ones following in our foot steps. My boy has been hiking with me since he was 2 month old. He is now 7 and done several small peaks and tons of hikes and camping. He loves it! Too much fun! great report. thanks!
  11. I know this is a crap shoot but what the hey figured i would try. I am going to be in Leavenworth this weekend. Would love to hook up with some folks who know the ropes (so to speak ;-))in the crags there. I have only been a couple of times. I do not lead (yet) but can follow up to ...5-7-5.8 if my shoulder (torn rotator cuffs)is being good. If not too pumpy then maybe 5.9. Depends..sorry. Wish i was back at 5.10 but injuries SUCK!! I just want to climb and have fun.I need to climb. I will treat with dinner, laughs and lots of beer! Have a great weekend folks...winter is breathing down our necks!
  12. flushed down the toilet with TONS of work...:-(
  13. hmmm... that's why "rookieness's" climb the DC (or emmonds)...they are not equipped for more difficult routes yet. I bet next year you will be more experienced and equipped. ;-)
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