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  1. Want to summit Mt. Hood or Mt. Adams.. Questions

    The second photo is of Punch Bowl Falls on the Eagle creek trail. Just up the trail from Punch bowl is tunnel falls. You hike through a tunnel under the falls. 12 + miles rt.
  2. Utah climbers?

    That pic is the BOMB! love it!
  3. Rock Shoe Naming Contest

    climb X "spray"
  4. Enchantments permit q's

    couple of my friends went up there last year and wrote a good report that may help ya. the mole
  5. Ahh...I was wondering where your awesome trs had gone too. I have been waiting for something more local and repetitive. Not to my surprise you bring us (some what) new greatness again. ;-) Thanks. I wish the snow was better for ya.
  6. Hood Pics

    Some really nice images above to choose from. Here are a few of mine. feb 2006 April 2006 Feb 2006 Dec 2006 Feb 2006
  7. Four Loko!

    ok my links suck and I am clueless how to make them work. I guess too much loko...heh
  8. Four Loko!

    Carla is evil klenke! Evil I say! I never touched that evil eye crap though. But she ever so cleverly forced me to drink this stuff. It taste like shit but oh it works so well. hahaha. ;-) first it was Joose...blahhhh then the LOKO...ruhh rohhh [img:left] [/img] carla is EVIL...;-)
  9. Where has summer gone?

    I found summer! Its East! I tell ya...go East!!
  10. Cragging in LW

    Partners found! have a great weekend folks!!
  11. I have heard of most peaks but this one if a new one for me. Great area and looks like a fun peak. I know the feeling watching our young ones following in our foot steps. My boy has been hiking with me since he was 2 month old. He is now 7 and done several small peaks and tons of hikes and camping. He loves it! Too much fun! great report. thanks!
  12. Cragging in LW

    I know this is a crap shoot but what the hey figured i would try. I am going to be in Leavenworth this weekend. Would love to hook up with some folks who know the ropes (so to speak ;-))in the crags there. I have only been a couple of times. I do not lead (yet) but can follow up to ...5-7-5.8 if my shoulder (torn rotator cuffs)is being good. If not too pumpy then maybe 5.9. Depends..sorry. Wish i was back at 5.10 but injuries SUCK!! I just want to climb and have fun.I need to climb. I will treat with dinner, laughs and lots of beer! Have a great weekend folks...winter is breathing down our necks!
  13. Where has summer gone?

    flushed down the toilet with TONS of work...:-(
  14. hmmm... that's why "rookieness's" climb the DC (or emmonds)...they are not equipped for more difficult routes yet. I bet next year you will be more experienced and equipped. ;-)