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Another Mt Hood Stupid Comment


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Man, they need to purge recent forum memberships and lock down most of those ip addresses after this circus. This has been the online equivalent of a dirty bomb - an explosion of contagious cluelessness.


:lmao: I can think of no better way to say "fuck off Pink, Joseph does have a sense of humor" than this.


Actually, my thoughts have been running somewhat down this track, and I'm cogitating on an epistle and policy to separate the chaff from the wheat post mass media/public wahoo. I for one don't want to see this place try and compete with RC.com or NWHikers for tender sincerity in the grand scheme of things.


Damned board upgrade still lacks a barfing graemlin.

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Hey Woodsgirl:


You live near the Tieton? Would you ever get tired of folks asking you what do you do for fun out there, do you have running water, what do you do with those sheep, and here's how I'd run your farm if I didn't have to live in Chicago?


You've got moxie, and that's a huge plus. If you ever decide you want to stop being a spectator and go climbing on those crags in your neighborhood (and it's as good a place to learn as anywhere in the state) then you'd have a hard time doing better than hooking up with some of the raucous yahoos on this site. There are other more genteel approaches to climbing education, and guess what, a lot of those folks live here too and can point you in the right direction.



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Hey, climbers. First, this is a funny place, so I won't be PC, either. Have ya ever thought that this is a window into the "climber's world" where many have never looked? I live very near a great rock formation--Oak Creek in the Naches Ranger District, not back country, but a lot of climbers train there, it seems. I have to tell you, that I will think differently about those people after glimpsing the extremely rude community here. I have never seen so many people looking down on others. I am sure we will all leave. Why would we hang around with all the "when will they leave" comments? Flame me all you want; it wouldn't have taken that much to be nice to VISITORS.

As for running down SAR.........tasteless. I hope if they ever come to haul your asses of the hill, that you remember all the comments here. Maybe they don't climb as well as you all, but they are generous with their time----I jam with one SAR guy every week and he misses a lot of jams due to mountain rescues. I hope if they read the comments here, that they consider the source.


I agree. You people make me SICK.

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OMFG. Shittiest idea yet from the other thread:


SIGNAL FLARE DROP - For the lost to light at 9:11 PM


Rescue 9:11 PM !!!:


I called and described this rescue idea to Gerry Tiffany of Hood River Sheriff's Departmant on Thurday, 12/14/06. I asked him to pass the idea on to search and rescue personnel for evaluation. I haven't heard back from Gerry. Please "run with this" if you think it is viable. Please give me some feedback/ideas to make it a viable rescue technique.



The lost need a way to signal. Road flares lit by the lost, on high ground, at 9:11 PM would be effective. Deliver a visible road flare bundle/streamer to the lost.



Drop 2-packs of road flares(unlit), with 250 foot long, red, plastic DANGER tape "tails", on a grid of 1000' by 1000'. Approximate cost per square mile is $200 for flares and red "DANGER" tape.


Lost climbers/hikers may see the air drop in progress because the flares(unlit) will have red, plastic, 250 foot long, "DANGER" tape "tails" attached(zip-ties). The lost can make their way to one or more flare packs and prepare to signal from high ground at 9:11 PM, as indicated on an attached info tag.


All airborne pilots/passengers and ground based viewers will aid in the search by looking for a signal flare(s) at 9:11 PM.


Perhaps "red" DANGER tape "tails" are best for snowfields/snow valleys. The lost could easily see this color on snow.


Perhaps "yellow" CAUTION tape "tails" are best for dropping into green wooded canyons. In wooded areas, the lost would likely find one or more of the flare packs, as the yellow tape would be vertical in the foliage(visible from ground) and horizontal across tree tops(visible from ridge tops).


The flares must be securely attached to the 250 foot long plastic DANGER tape to remain intact upon impact. The 250 long tail will act as a "streamer" and slow the fall of the flare bundle. The 250 foot long tail should be "stuff-sack" packed into a zip-loc bag to allow untangled unfurling after dropping from the plane.


A flying billboard message could read, "FLARE DROP", as the "noisy Cessna" air drops the flares. A local billboard flyer would probably volunteer his plane and time. This would inform the lost of the FLARE DROP.


Second, third, etc. flare bundles found by the lost could be used for heat, melting water, starting fires, etc.


One concern I have is a lot of "red tails" throwing off search and rescue personnel as false signs of the lost. But, if I was lost without a way to signal, I'd prefer seeing an organized flare drop and drag myself the 500' maximum to get a pair of flares. The red plastic DANGER tape could be made into a "Y" or "X" for aerial sighting


Future hikers/climbers could retrieve/dispose of flare bundles and "tails" to alleviate litter problems.


Materials are readily available. Walmart and Schucks for flares and Home Depot and Lowes for the DANGER and CAUTION tape.





Please evaluate this idea and pass it on to Hood River Sheriff's Department or Search and Rescue or Portland Mountain Rescue if you think it would work.




Thank you,


Dale Berg



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I propose we have 4000 special forces personnel surround the mountain and use flame throwers to melt the snow, they could move uphill and meet at the top, we'd be bound to find them that way. Let me know if I should call the army and get going on this.

No good. They are all busy looking for and failing to find Osama in Afganistan. Perhaps the flame thrower trick will work over there? Why don't you call NATO and suggest...

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no they should start at the summit and work down you idiot...


No, you see, you're not getting it--- if they start from below, anything that melts out will wash back down towards them and they won't miss it. If we implement it your way we will have to surround the mountain with a fence of some kind to catch any items of interest that wash downhill. And that would take a lot of needless manpower and resources. It would be a shame to waste those.


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I would call up a court reporting service and see if they could help out donating their time to this effort. I would lock down the forum for just the news conference and simply post the tranny. I don't know of anyone else who is providing this service.



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