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not a clownpunch

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my new climbing web page is not a clownpunch. check some action on: http://robertrogoz.com/climbing.html



God I hope not: I recently learned what a Clownpunch is when WillStrickland posted this on another thread:



"Urban Dictionary says:



clown puncher 7 up, 1 down


A derogatory term used to discribe one who has been caught masterbating. Also usful in slaging someone.


Leave me alone ya clown puncher!


by Joe Mama Nov 28, 2004 email it"



Nice site Bob. Could use some more Granite pics.

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no bad, glad I quit the game and went fishing. don't have to walk far when hungover to get the adrenaline rush in my game.


BTW, why be so rude with your signature "i love pussy but never the bitch that it's attached to" when you have what seems to be a very nice woman? Good women out here in the Chain are not easy to come by

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