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  1. hOW THE f*** Is EveryONE

    I'm out and ABOUT fucking still wandering around in the 48 looking at dead faces that walk and talk. Anyone going...
  2. Obama Health Care heading south

    tvashtarkatena, Boohoohoo I'm crying my eyes out for you and your ilk. Please do stay in the cities, rural America doesn't want you. Why? Because you piss, whine, moan and ask for government hand outs all on our dime. You actually think the "metro" citizens are paying our way? Huh, apparently you haven't looked around lately, but then that would take a mind that thinks logically and concisely which Liberal don't have. It's all how it feels and how warm and fuzzy you will feel thinking that government will take care of you from birth to grave. NOT one of my "rural" friends has that mentality although we do see it when Lower 48 city types show up during tourist season. Examples I don't feel obligated to post but I'm sure you get the picture. We are self reliant and city folks want Government to tell them what to do and when and how and to restrict freedoms that they deem as unnecessary. I'm done with you folks for at least a few months. I hope you all stay where you are and don't tread on the beautiful landscape of Montana, Eastern Washington, Wyoming, North Dakota, Alaska and the Northern Provinces because every where the "city minded" folks come they bring their ideas and expect us to acquiesce without a murmur.
  3. Obama Health Care heading south

    Glad to see all of your boys are interested in politics and economics, too bad you don't understand who pays the bills. It sure ain't the liberal cunts that whine all day long over the conservatives. BTW better check your geography lessons on where folks are at. Not everything appears as it seems bitches.
  4. Obama Health Care heading south

    Best news I heard in 8 months. Fucking Big Deal by Joe "The Schmo" Biden is getting thrown back at him and Obumbles. Wonderful... So how are all the metrosexuals of Leftern Washington doing. I'm having a hell of a winter. Been skiing a bit, not much fishing as things are tight. Hope you all can survive on beans and rice when the famine hits the big cities. Remember you can survive by subsistence as long as you live where you can gather and hunt. Although Seattle has a lot of rats and long pig... Good day to ya all, RedNose...blunder will be the next game
  5. Mosque at ground zero?

    76 virgins in Aaaaaaaaaaaaarab heaven and there ain't one on this web site. hahahahahaha No I'm bothered by this. 1. we do have freedom of religion 2. if Jews or Christians tried to something similar in a Islamic country it would be shot down with no say at all. 3. what do we do? I guess the screen play will lend itself to a climax some where in the not so far off future.
  6. How was everyone's summer?

    Your mom's too old so I fucked your daughter. Is that more like what you wanted to hear? Arrr lad I see ya haven't changed a bit. Good to know some things stay the same. My summer was filled with fun, promise, and wonderful animals surrounding me while I killed and ate fish, crab, shrimp and of course farted afterwards. If any of ya want to buy a nice home in Eastern WA send me a PM. I need to unload so I can be free of all anchors in the Lower 48!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. How was everyone's summer?

    I wish I was back up North but...things need attention here. I guess the hard spray section was removed so "we" have to play by goodie two shoes rules now. Oh well, hope everyone gets what they want out of autumn.
  8. Skookum Osprey Catarafts

    I have two Skookum Osprey catarafts for sale. EACH one is selling for $1200.00 each NOT together. These cats come with three oars, three oar locks and an anchor for each one. These are not your typical "fly fishing" raft. These boats can be used for long float fishing or hunting trips. Both of these boats will fit well in small planes for bush hunting and fishing in Alaska or Canada. OK pictures are up: First two pictures feature my cat. The other pictures feature my wife's cat (there are two of her's). She has the cat with the higher level "dog" platform or for a better word your cargo area. Her cat also comes with Cataraft oars and a stripping tray for your fly line. Any questions please PM me and I'll answer you ASAP. The Osprey starts with the Steelheader 10 foot by 20 inch pontoons to which we add an aluminum kickboat frame. Osprey is the only aluminum black powder-coated frame with foot pegs. It's an incredible fishing machine that's going to last you 25 years. This boat can be packed down into a 30" x 54" duffel bag (not included), and weights approximately 40 pounds. You can even take this as baggage on a plane. The Osprey II uses 10' X 19"- 20" pontoons and weighs between 45-50 pounds. The frame is 56" x 82" at maximum length with foot pegs fully extended. The dog deck is 41" x 21". Other features include: 10 ft X 20" pontoons and ours are two air chambers per pontoon! 7.5' breakdown oars Aluminum frame 15 lbs that breaks down to fit in a small bush plane with the pontoons. Rear deck that sits high out of the water (We have the rack but no "dog deck" for your dog to sit on) What we have is the frame without the marine plywood so you can still put gear there=cooler, fishing grear, dry bags etc. A long waterline for good tracking and stability Each pontoons has 8 stainless steel D-rings Adjustable foot rests, and oar stops Replaceable Halkey Robert-style valves for quick inflation and deflation http://www.steelheader.com/osprey.htm
  9. Dougie, I'm baaaaaack!

    My god Doug you are a gentleman, and for that I thank you. Yep, been off the booze and dope for a long, long, long time now, but I still love a good cigar and a strong cup of Joe. Adios Doug keep the rope taunt and don't let Mother G gain an advantage.
  10. Dougie, I'm baaaaaack!

    Drunk, randy and mean to the bone, yes Dougie I'm here for ya! hahahaha Are you happy with the state of the Union? Economy is going down the dumpers, but lets blame George Bush for that. Taxes are going but we can blame George Bush for that. I can't wait for your response Dougie!!!!!!! I can see it now, all wet with slobbering emotion, bashing your forehead with a tablet from the Obumbles campaign. Where will it end? hahahahaha Let the slithering snakes of DC solve our problem. Remember Dougie, the only thing separating you from a douche is the "ch"!
  11. Big Brother expands it's surveillance of you

    Yep Obumbles is very intolerant of any opinions opposing his own.
  12. TX crashers Manifesto

    The IRS is a bully government run business. Killing oneself does make a statement, but in the end do you gain anything with all the sheep in United States? Killing others loses the message totally. How does the average American make a statement that the IRS and its illogical taxation is totally out of whack? We'd need a Coffee (for lack of a better word) Party of the average Americans saying WE ARE NOT GOING TO PAY TAXES ANY LONGER UNTIL THE SITUATION IS EVEN FOR ALL! No more tax dodges etc. Everyone pays the same %. Until then we are fucked!(and I don't give a shit what party or what party you are not the IRS is fucked)
  13. Red Nose has a joke for the libs of Seattle

    up hill both ways through 10 feet of snow, blah blah blah. hey rednose. does ur dick hang down to ur knees? My Norse Ancestors call that a knee knocker!
  14. Joe The Plumber Gets Flushed

    I say don't work go on the gov't pay roll like all the F---ing Limies, or better yet do like the Hawaiian residents do: collect SSI or Vet Benes and work all wages under the table so you never have to file a IRS report. I'll bet Doug likes this idea then he could be on the dole and still make bucks...

    I bet you do. Wow, I'm utterly without words for your great response. Wow, again what do you have 78? 72? Huh or are you on the Jimmy Carter home temperature recommendation of 68 IQ.