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Counting the days....


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I am making a big batch of jim jones kool-aid right now if anyone wishes to imbibe.



WASHINGTON - A La Nina, a mild cooling of the tropical Pacific Ocean which can affect weather in other areas, is being forecast for spring.


La Ninas tend to encourage wet weather in the Pacific Northwest and dry conditions in the south, but National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecasters declined to blame current weather on the phenomena.


La Nina is the opposite of the better known El Nino, a Pacific warming. Both occur every few years and can affect weather around the world. The last La Nina occurred in 2000-2001.


Because the La Nina is only just starting to develop and is expected to be weak, forecasters at the NOAA Climate Prediction Center said it is too early to say how it will affect spring and summer weather.

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Do weather forcasters have delusions of grandeur? I mean, they always make such a big deal out of everything. When did this whole "el nino" fad start? And why do they blow every storm so out of proportion? Anyone remember the "Storm Watch 2000" shown constantly with much ado? It was like, one point five inches of snow. Come on people, get a grip.

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Jan 12 Rain

N/A/41° 100%



Jan 13 Rain

49°/41° 100%



Jan 14 Showers

46°/34° 60%



Jan 15 Few Showers

43°/36° 30%



Jan 16 Showers

44°/40° 40%



Jan 17 Rain / Wind

50°/40° 60%



Jan 18 Showers

46°/32° 40%



Jan 19 Partly Cloudy

43°/34° 10% laugh.gif



Jan 20 Showers

44°/34° 60%



Jan 21 Showers

46°/33° 60%




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OMFD!!! somebody please please please please please please make this stop. i'm done now really. i just can't take it anymore. i'd jump off a tall building to put myself out of this misery but i'd probably just land in a big puddle and survive. cry.gif

Do you mean the rain? Or do you mean the "discussion" about 93 days vs. 33 days vs. days of rain vs. days with rain vs. ..


It's not the heat...it's the humidity!

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no. it would actually be easier all around if you were to politely stay the hell out of the bitching about rain thread. seeing as it seems to irritate you that we are bitching about the rain.

shhh. Cobracommander has never lived anywhere with human whether, so he understands not these complaints.

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It's wet, like really wet, like everything else. cry.gif


On the plus side, the creek out front is flooding to beat the band, swallowing up the front field. Makes me wish it would rain harder, I love going flood gawking. Anyone in the Oly area should do the Tumwater Falls trail, cool short urban loop along the raging Deschutes with a bridge right over the falls on the front of the beer can.


Happy beedays Will & E fruit.gif

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Fuck this weather forecast. As of yesterday, it was supposed to be partly cloudy on Sunday. Now it's mostly cloudy, including on the eastside, though I've yet to look at the MM5 to see if it's possible to get above the clouds.


If it's going to be this wet, can it at least get colder in Lillooet?

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Welcome to the PNW. If you don't like the climate I politely encourage you to get the f- out. QUIT BITCHING ABOUT RAIN WHEN YOU LIVE IN F'ING WESTERN WASHINGTON STATE IT'S JANUARY


That's because most of these retards are probably from Oklahoma or Massacheussetes or some other state I don't even know how to spell. They probably moved here last year and thought, shit winter in the northwest isn't that bad.

Fuck, when I was a boy it rained all year long. We had one day in August when it cleared up. We used to have to row a canoe to school down the streets because there was so much rain. Our rain jackets had holes in them from getting hit by so many rain drops. There was so much snow in the mountains if you went skiing with your parents and couldn't keep up, the snow would cover you up in five minutes and you'd have to wait until April to get out.

And we didn't complain, because it was just the way it was and we liked it. You guys are soft. rolleyes.gif

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Fuck this weather forecast. As of yesterday, it was supposed to be partly cloudy on Sunday. Now it's mostly cloudy, including on the eastside,


taking a line from the great jerry seinfeld yoda.gif: if there were a such thing as a good 5 day forecast, there would only be one every five days.


or something like that cantfocus.gif

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Could it be... a window by this weekend?


I know... long term generally equals best guess but I couldn't help but notice the lack of precip in the forecast for Wed on... fruit.gif


We need to organize a boot pack installation party for stuart! Get like 10 peeps w/ snowshoes and pack out a trough to the moraine! hahaha.gif Who's in? wazzup.gif

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