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  1. #4 is gone. Both #5's still available
  2. #4 and #5 are C4's the old #5 is the one prior to the thumb loop. size is between a C4 #5 and C4 #6 #4: $50 #5: $60 old #5: $40 All have been used but are in good condition.
  3. bump! double is gone. single and fly still available. $325
  4. nick - you in seattle? i think i have a few to get rid of.
  5. Linnaeus called dibs. sale pending. will let you know if it falls thru.
  6. bump BD double still available. $250? (ledge and fly)
  7. #3 and #4 big bros for sale $25 each
  8. Brand new, never used ledge and simply fly. $450 for both this: http://www.mtntools.com/cat/bigwall/ledges/blackdiamondsingleportaledge.htm also have an older BD double ledge and fly. Its the fold-up style ledge. been used a bit but still goes. will sell that kit (ledge and fly) for $300 ..make an offer!
  9. yup.. the solution: get other people to stop going there
  10. DONE! what a legend, inspiration, story etc etc etc...
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