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  1. Pathology reports are in...

    chase that beer with some hydrocodone ftw!

    overkill if you are wearing a Life is Good shirt today.
  3. Boycott AZ...especially its Tea!

    just move along. these arent the roofs you are looking for.
  4. Boycott AZ...especially its Tea!

    if a large percentage of the population is brown skinned, its not profiling. its more like probability based on statistical fact.
  5. Boycott AZ...especially its Tea!

    we're gonna deport rope climbers next.
  6. Luke?

    hi luke.
  7. That Chris Sharma...

    hardly news
  8. Sunshine and Perfect Temps

    I hit reply just now thinking I might mention the things I miss only to realize I couldnt think of anything. well except for fresh oysters
  9. Sunshine and Perfect Temps

    no shit, its amazing how irrelevant the gym and online forums become when its beautiful outside everyday.
  10. Sunshine and Perfect Temps

    for me. not for you. heh.
  11. F-ing SICK!!!

    95% healed. multi pitch free solo, so what. its not like its steep. priest draw roofs 4 life.
  12. F-ing SICK!!!

    5.11 is like v1 pfff
  13. the REAL question

    walking boot = chiropractor payday. besides, I'm not quite ready to weight it yet.
  14. the REAL question

    injury is worse than initially thought. 12 weeks down, not 6. this boot is kryptonite making me weaker by the day. kill.
  15. the REAL question

    .....and did I not just offer everyone a prime new I-90 bouldering location several posts back? wtf.