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photos of Really Big Housecats


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holy fuck a 1,000 pound pig?

And ya hafta wonder WTF that kid was thinking when he saw that pig, and looked at the pistol in his hand...

"Eee-yup, Ah think this'll do 'er jes fahn. If'n not, Ah kin shimmy up yonder tree and holler for Pa to bring the scattergun and some punkin' balls. We'll have bacon and pork chops 'til next year wuther Ah git 'im or Pa gits 'im." :laf:

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The fat kid had nothing to fear from that pig...


"Shortly after the story hit the press, the truth about the origins of the pig were revealed. Four days before "Monster Pig" was shot, he lived on a nearby farm under the name "Fred". The owners, Rhonda and Phil Blissitt, stated that the pig loved to play with their grandchildren and his favorite treat was canned sweet potatoes. The Blissits sold the pig to the game preserve and he was released on the reserve four days before being hunted and killed [Cheney-style]."


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