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  1. The answer is in the original posted article! If avid high-profile social media hikers go on 'adventure' hikes on the formally-abandoned trails @dannible (and others) mentioned, and then Instagram the shit out of the hikes, as in "I'm doing this rad adventure, look at my millennial selfie to prove it!", then two more will go. And then two more. And then two more. And then USFS will get funds to maintain those trails. Before you know it, the trails will be popular again and back in shape. The Instagram effect is a real thing. To wit, last summer's climb du jour, the formally obscure Hellbent for Glory. One issue might be a lot of those abandoned trails share parking with the well-used trails, so access will remain a strain. This strategy less clearly helps our over crowded local climbing areas though. I don't know the answer for that. Its getting more crowded at every Washington crag every year. At least porta and permanent shitters are showing up in the right places lately. Thank you WCC for that. - a s s m n k e y
  2. THANK YOU guys for cleaning these awesome routes. I'm keeping a sixer of schwag tall-boys for y'all in my trunk in the event I run into you guys. I stumbled across IAF yesterday and took advantage of it's newly cleaned state. THANK YOU! This is a kick-ass route, with excellent protection at the crux. People should get on it! Them rocks too, and it's got some shiny new (?) chains. Also got over to Shady Lane a couple weekends ago and got on a couple of the newly cleaned routes over there. These are all quality routes, well worth the walk. Many of these routes are also in the shade, something to think about on sunny hot days. The more these routes get climbed, the cleaner they'll become! - a s s m n k e y
  3. Bad ass, and inspiring. Nice work! - a s s m n k e y
  4. assmonkey

    Spray thread

    Balls. [video:youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2PeqyvjjbY - a s s m n k e y
  5. assmonkey

    Spray thread

    Balls. - a s s m n k e y
  6. Came across this quote in a John Long book the other day and it made me chuckle: "Off rappel, asshole!" - a s s m n k e y
  7. You may not have been over left far enough. As I remember it, from the far left of the belay platform area, you look straight up at a line of bolts that is 10a. To the right of the 10a are two more routes, graded 10b and 10c if memory serves. The two easier routes you mention are accessed by scrambling to the top of a 15' pedestal on the left and then moving left again to access the two bolted lines. The routes on Blackstone are all consistently graded for the area. Blackstone wall has interesting face climbing on solid rock. I wish it were 100' taller and 100' wider. - a s s m n k e y
  8. And it's going to be subtitled, "Chinese Democracy".... - a s s m k e y
  9. I would, for one, would like to see Hot Lips in an all-girl feature. Perhaps a MILF-themed one, where she "takes advantage" of a younger, less-experienced woman. I don't know that that would technically make her "gay" though. Bi-curious, perhaps? - a s s m sickie n k e y
  10. I thought Hot Lips' speech was great, she looks smoking hot with those glasses on. She reminds me of a high school friend's hot mom! Oh yeah, and she said a bunch of words, too. Not sure what that was all about.... - a s s m 8D n k e y
  11. How can you guys sit here and watch a video about two girls pooping into a cup when America is being turned into a Fascist police state? - a s s m sickie n k e y
  12. She's not lame, she's hot! Totally worth the triple-post. I'm mastribating again right now! - a s s m n k e y
  13. Sign me up baby! - a s s m o n k e y
  14. Hey man, lay off Hot Lips. She's hot. Way hotter than Mitt Romney. McCain is one lucky dude! I'll bet she looks good in a blue dress. Hmmmmmmm.... - a s s m n k e y
  15. Dammit, I fucking love this thread. And it's getting edumacational now too. How about that. - a s s m n k e y
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