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  1. Booty discussion

  2. strong work duder! How about the picture of the packs coming out of the car? It's hilarious! your packs were bigger than the rig!
  3. Summitpost Mt. Hood

  4. Awesome.

    Kids on Mont Blanc sounds like a fantastic idea, doesn't it?
  5. Awesome.

    It's been awhile. [video:youtube]
  6. Sobo's Updates...

    Enjoy your departure! The land of FOB will surely miss you! Travel well
  7. IMHO, the BD stainless front points are fine. I've treated mine like I hated them and just wanted to make gravel from rocks and they're doing fine. YMMV. I second the excellent advise on the long extender bars.
  8. Mt Hood Climbers Guide

    They haven't gone to press yet, but they claim to be very close...
  9. [TR] Ruth, Tokositna, Kahiltna - various 5/6/2013

    Sweet video! That's a lot of climbing!
  10. REI is changing their return policy...

    I honestly have no idea. I always surmised that REI wasn't returning old crap, it was just throwing it out but I really do not know. I'll ask around, I'm kinda curious
  11. REI is changing their return policy...

    I was just using the boot leaking as an example. But, a goretex boot shouldn't leak after after 5-10 trips, and in which case, I would consider them defective. I did gather that defective items can still be returned, although it seems like that is going to be subjective. For your example, I'd follow up on Jon's thought concerning the manufacturer. In the case of buying a boot with a Gore Tex liner thinking that it would always keep your feet dry*, you're buying that promise from Gore Tex. So who cares where you buy it as long as Gore Tex is selling you that promise. Gore Tex's return guidelines make it pretty easy to get a new pair of boots or what have you. *Why does Gore make it so easy? Because that's really the kind of promise that's worthless. If your boot is leaking when you're in the mountains, their promise isn't going to help. Perhaps it was just marketing anyway. Like John wrote, try getting them at a shop where the employees are selling the same things they're using and see what happens...and waterproof them.
  12. REI is changing their return policy...

    See and this just sucks, because only a select few companies have the profitability to do this. What small shop could possibly do this? ... The manufacturers job is to stand by the product they made. This isn't the retailers job, with the exception that retailers should not carry brands that are not reliable. If you buy boots that leak, that should be on the manufacturer to rectify this not the retailer. REI was able to do this because of their huge buying power and being able to leverage that into making manufacturers take returned items back. So just out of curiosity, when does responsibility transfer to the owner of the product? After one trip? After 2 years? After an hour? I think that in general people have gotten inured to an idea that if something breaks it's not their fault. In the original article, an REI staff says What? I know that my friends get out a lot, but after two or three YEARS you think it's the manufacturer's fault? From my perspective that's just insane. If I've used something for two to three years, I've put wear and tear on it. I've had fun with it and I've most probably treated badly as often as I've treated it well. It's my responsibility, not anybody else's fault. I don't know, maybe I'm just crazy.
  13. REI is changing their return policy...

    Uh, you mean their taxable free cash flow, dontcha?
  14. lightweight backpack for Denali

    I know the horse is dead and that it left the building. And I own cilogear, have strep throat, have been lying like a sack of meat on a couch for a week, yada yada yada. But I thought I'd try (and most likely fail) to share this video of a cc poster and his pack... [video:youtube]
  15. new bolting at Smith Rock

    nah, ivan, it was real. i gave him ian's email...
  16. I had a set and used them a ton. They were really, really common in Buoux and Cimai in the late '90s. Probably the fastest clipping draws I ever used, and I have never heard of them breaking -- including when I've asked senior folks at DMM about them.
  17. big reason cc is surviving

    1. 2. it was called climbingvegas.com it got rolled into mountainproject.com. there is not as much spray there because you don't post there much. 3. yeah, it rains a lot...
  18. Best 5mm cord

    Um. This sounds like a recipe for disaster. This seems like it is NOT for a climbing related application. It sounds like it should be engineered, not debated on internet fora. I work closely with a number of cordage manufacturers, and work every day with Dyneema and Kevlar and Technora and Twaron and other high strength exotics used in making cord and fabric. I'd recommend, strongly recommend, getting in touch with manufacturers directly. climbing/life safety technical: sterling rope. bluewater. pigeon mountain industries. industrial / mooring: samson ropes pelican Also, its not recommended to knot Dyneema. It slips under a very light load. Good luck!
  19. Get Stoked for ICE!

    Anybody else going? I'm totally stoked! I know that Aaron's got some sweet schwag from RAB, Grivel and of course CiloGear to give away! Ice in Norway and everything you wanted to know about ice in Wyoming!
  20. Heh, I was just there too! The weather was great when it wasn't snowing! It looked like ice is coming in fast!
  21. New York climbing

    gunks would be gunks.com ... daks would probably best be neice.com even though that's really for north east ice climbing... Lawyer / Haas is one of the best guidebooks I've ever used. Get it and you'll find nice areas for your style / grade quite easily.
  22. Antarctic Climbing

    CiloGear is excited to join with the Mazamas in hosting Damien Gildea on 22 June at 7 PM at the Mazamas clubhouse on 43rd and Stark in Portland. Damien literally wrote the book on mountaineering in antarctica and will be giving a slide show on his expeditions in Antarctica over the past decade or more. Damien is the Antarctica correspondent for Climb magazine, the American Alpine Journal and Alpinist magazine. If you've ever been curious about climbing in the deep south, well, here's your chance to find out more!
  23. it's been too long.

    it's just been too long...for some reason, i just keep coming back to this video. Long life the dirtbags of cc! RAWK VIKINGS! [video:youtube]-3fa-sjsvno
  24. it's been too long.

    thanks for the edit p!