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Waterproofing Maps


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I generally print my own maps on an inkjet from TOPO. A while back somebody mentioned a good product to use for waterproofing them, that you could spray on I think. Anybody know what to use?

ziploc bags work. an you can use em to put your stinky socks in for the drive home.

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Before I tell you my advice on this topic, you should know a couple of things:


1. I once only took 9 essentials on a day trip. hellno3d.gif

2. Once I climbed Mt. Adams south side route leaving my ice axe on my pack and just used hiking poles. ooo.gif


Okay, now that you know that I am a real risk taker, take the following advice at your own risk. Use the ziplocks. The gallon size fits a 8.5x11 sheet of paper pretty well and you can fold larger ones and just flip the ziplock over to see the other side.


You can leave them laying around the snow cave without worrying, store other stuff in them, and they cost very little. You can use them over and over.


If you get a pin hole, you might get a 1/4" blur, but if you are going to die because you can't read one little spot on a map, well....Darwin had a theory about that.

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