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Enough of the slagging on bouldering already. It's not like the guy couldn't slog up volcanoes or lug his way up the moderate trad routes with long approaches that seem to occupy most people on this site if he wanted to. He's figured out what he likes most in climbing and is focusing on that, which is spending his time cranking on incredible rock in beautiful settings and warm surroundings while road-tripping all over the country with a mini-harem of fit young climber chicas. Not a bad alternative to the frozen/multiday/death-slog/sausagefest that most alpine outings consist of if you ask me.


Anyhow - the original idea here was to get a bunch of point-and-shoot hacks like myself and maybe even some decent amateur photographers - judging from all of the tech-talk on cameras that goes down here there must be a few out there - to post some photos. Post more diss less.

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Pad people suck.

And so do their pictures.


You guys are soooo lame rolleyes.gif


"Cool lets diss on bouldering and fairly good photography because we are nob chuffers and can't boulder V1!"


Now I've never really gotten angry on this site or in person, but you guys need to seriously grow up! I'm not an alpine climber, but I don't rag on it or say your photos are lame now do I? What makes it even worse is that you guys are adults. I'm fucking 19 years old, where is your maturity? Seriously why don't you liek bouldering or picture of people bouldering??



The adventure!!

The excitement!!


... the youth of today, rolleyes.gif

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Will, is this Thriller?


No, but once you said that I could see why you might think so.


It's on the other side of the country, on gneiss, and about half the grade. Lost Cove Cranks - V4, Lost Cove near Boone, NC. This place has one of the best concentration of problems I've seen for a small area, all on excellent rock. It's probably the best rock I've ever climbed on.

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