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  1. Ok, Here is my take on comparing these 3. The BC 100 and the Line prophet are very similar (if you have had the chance to ski either) A nice generous flex and smooth ski. It is forgiving and predictable but may be a touch soft if the throttle is to the floor. The Verdict is a different beast. After the change to CNC wood cores the whole BD line changed in skiin characteristics. The Verdict is much stiffer. Handles speed well and you can really open it up on big high speed turns. I find it a little stiff in tight terrain, so there is the trade off. I skied the Coomba almost all year last year. I really enjoyed it. I found that it is forgiving in technical terrain. Floaty in the pow, and that it can handle some speed. I find it a little more predictable than the Verdict and is easier to scrub speed if needed. The tails are a little softer and the side cut a little less severe in the tail, which helps out with that. In other words I don't always accelerate out of the turn. I have been finding that in bounds I like to push my gear. Out of bounds I like to push myself... I hope that might help.
  2. I was at Crystal last week

    That was probably Silver King. You might not see a trip report for skiing the King. It is easily accessible by hiking into the "South Backcountry" at Crystal and is regularly skied. There are a nuber of runs down all aspects and it is a quinessential experience for the advanced skier in Western Washington. Do a little search, check it out, and keep making turns.
  3. Alpine Trekkers - Practical?

    Her alpine boots won't be optimal but they will work. As far as the trekkers it will quickly be obvious why AT binding exist. The trekker is heavy and akward, but it will help get her uphill. If she is going to ski much it may be worth it to just get into some fritshi's or something like that.
  4. It's a pretty easy fix. Your local mountain shop should be able to handle that with relative ease. If you do in yourself you can get plugs from ski shops and fill those holes. Pay close attention to the distances between pieces and the way they line up if you do it on your own. Good luck.
  5. Atomic Kontega Telemark Ski

    Yep. You can put an at binder on the Kontega.
  6. Good on you guys. It's SNOWING!!!!
  7. Binding help needed

    So here's my suggestion. Go down to your local ski shop/mountain shop and see what they have laying around that they are trying to get rid of. Ask them to figure out your din and pick something with that # near the middle. Match it with what you can afford to spend and your done. Ask them to throw in the mount. It's that easy. If a binding company wasn't making safe products they would be out of business. Period. Then go skiing. Buy some skins and go skin around pick a line and go skiing. I am amazed how many posts are about gear and not turns in Fresiez.. Shees.
  8. Scarpas?

    Check out the Aku Spyder
  9. Learning to Tele / and Tele Setup

    That vid is awesome!! Let's have a tele vs AT battle complete with football helmets and matching uniforms!!! Snowboarders are welcome to if they can get a team together. Coming soon, CC Glisse Battle Royale
  10. Preseason stoke!

    Bring it!! Sholes Glacier Is it safe? The crew
  11. Preseason stoke!

    I love Canada
  12. [TR] Cathedral Peak, Pasayten - 8/8/2007

    Kat- I thought that the stone on the Monk was great, not outstanding. There was some large grains in a few places and I don't know that many of those routes have seen much action so there is a bit of loose stuff aroun, mostly in the viens and dikes. The rock on ampitheatre is tighter grained. This area is a true gem. Pete Doorish is a stud. If you look close you will see a red shirt just below the "belay cave" on the left of the face. The buttress of Cathedral is the feature in the left of the photo.
  13. [TR] Cathedral Peak, Pasayten - 8/8/2007

    That place is really great. Soooo much stone. Beautiful setting. I think there is plenty of room up there for more routes. I tried to climb the Monk a few years back and was stymied by the last pitch. Good on you guys.
  14. You guys are inspiring. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Amer's site has some great info. http://skimountaineer.com/ So does turns-all-year.com