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  1. 11worth Slabs to TR

    Does anyone know of any good slab routes to TR in 11worth in the 5.10 to 5.11 range? It's hard to tell from the guide what is TRable. Thanks.
  2. Fearless Leader on the Garden Wall is an awesome route. It puts every other route I've hopped on out there to shame. Best easy route: Lost Arrow Spur.
  3. Best Route at Chimney Rock Idaho?

    Cool, great photos Dane!
  4. Best Route at Post Falls

    Anyone ever try that huge juggy roof route Gyno Boy 10D/11A on the Upper Fifth Canyon wall? Looks cool. How is it?
  5. Best @ Frenchman's

    Yeah, it seems obvious to climb lingerie with your left foot stemming off the Sex Party crack. I'm sure it makes it a lot easier. The same with Sex Party. Seems a lot easier is you stem way out to the right. If you don't stem, it is a pure handrcrack with no feet in many spots. Wouldn't it be harder than 5.8? Here is a photo from Eric and Lucie's website of stemming Sex Party...
  6. Best Route @ Dishman

    Dane, did you like Slave Labor (the big roof route at the far end of the wall)? That is supposed to be the best route at the crag.
  7. Best @ Frenchman's

    Even though it is really easy, I just love Party in Your Pants. The Steel Grille, Bob's Your Uncle, and Theresa's Lingerie are nice too. I haven't tried any of the ones you mentioned yet. PP, it's interesting about the grades, because I've talked to two people who said that Jihad was one of the hardest 11a's they have ever done. The rock at Middle East Wall is by far the best at Vantage, I can see why 2 of Dane's favorites are over there.
  8. Best @ Minnehaha

    1. Don Quixote 2. The Dihedral 3. Ron's Climb 4. The Diagonal 5. Twin Cracks
  9. China Bend?

    Yeah, that sucks. Fortunately, they never go back to the Secondary Face or Don Quixote Face. It is quieter and nicer back there anyways. Z crack is a good route. Too bad you didn't hop on Don (the overhanging double cracks). That's the best route I've done in the Spokane area.
  10. China Bend?

    Cool. Did you like R.H. Factor at Tum Tum? (the 4 star route) What did you climb at Minne? Anything you liked?
  11. the couloir off of early winter spire?

    Ice axe and crampons is all you need. DPS was refering to the Early Winters Couloir on the east side between NEWS and SEWS, which is much harder. Here is a photo of it.
  12. China Bend?

    I'm pretty sure there is nothing below 5.11 at China Bend. Almost all of the routes are 12s and 13s. It's a long drive, when there are better choices in town. If you like moderate sport (5.8 to 5.11s), Post Falls, in Quemlin Park, is the place to be. There are just tons of good quality sport climbs on nice granite over there. Another place to visit in Dishman. A small place, but it has the best quality rock in the area. Most of the routes are 11s. There is a 5.8, 2 9s, and a 10a over there too. The ratings are very stiff old school at Dishman. The route Chicken Spread (5.9) is the hardest 5.9 I've ever done. Another spot that is very popular in town is Deep Creek. The rock is fractured angular basalt. The walls are overhanging with lots of stuff to pinch. I don't particularly care for the rock type, but the gym crowd loves it.
  13. China Bend?

    If you are looking for juggy limestone with a larger variety of grades, check out Washington Rock (Metaline Falls). They have some nines to warm up on plus a bunch of tens and elevens, in addition to stuff up to 13+. Not all really hard stuff, like China Bend or Marcus. This cover photo was taken from a route at Metaline Falls.
  14. Chimney Rock (ID) approach info?

    Bring a very high clearance vehicle in you take the standard approach. Lots of good info here... http://www.summitpost.com/show/mountain_link.pl/mountain_id/2048
  15. spokane

    Good point on the trad. I should be thankful for Minne's trad routes, and the couple over at Dishman. It would be nice to have some more real crack climbs, though. There are many more local climbs that are sport in the Spokane area than Trad. Oh well. Nice post, as usual.
  16. 11worth Slabs to TR

    Thanks a lot. Lots of good options. Might try Condormorphine Addiction this weekend, and TR a couple harder ones.
  17. Nice! That last pic is awesome with the annotations.
  18. [TR] Pole creek???- 4/13/2004

    Sick trip report!
  19. spokane

    Didn't you just move hear Aaron? An expert already eh? Spokane has a nice amount of culture for it's size. My job and most of my friend's jobs pay well. Maybe you should get another one. The cost of living is extremely low. You can get a nice apartment for $300, try that in Seattle. No hideous traffic every day like Seattle. I said it is closer to those things, not close. Also, there is climbing in Montana that is 3 hours from here. Banff is less than 7 hours away, doable in a long weekend. It's funny that you're dissing the skiing. Everyone says it's a great place to be in the winter if you love skiing. How many places have you been to? Whitewater, Red Mountain, 49 Degrees North, Mount Spokane night skiing: have you been there? I can get to Leavenworth or Wa. Pass is less than 4 hours.
  20. spokane

    Friendly people - pro Cheap cost of living - pro Jobs - even Local crags for sport climbing - pro Local crags for trad climbing - con Little close multipitch trad - con Light traffic - pro Close nit community - pro Closer to Montana, Banff, City of Rocks, Tetons - pro
  21. [TR] SEWS- SW Coulior 4/10/2004

    Nice job. That's a fun easy romp early in the season. Probably a good ski too.
  22. You hardman. What did you think Jihad was? 5.7++?
  23. Guess what Nolse, shit happens. Just because there was minimal icefall, doesn't mean that you won't get hit. Also, your insinuation that the president of skyclimb's climbing club should never climb Mount Hood again because he was caught in an avy on a different route a year ago is ludicrous. I know several people that have been caught in avys, they still climb, and have learned from their mistakes. To question someone's motives for climbing based upon some bad luck is lame. So is putting down their club, and that makes you lame.
  24. Weekend Plans?

    cascadeCLIMBERS.com eh?