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Rope up for kids


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I have thoroughly enjoyed the past two rope-ups, but frankly I'm a bit overwhelmed with the direction it is heading. I applaud Beck for jumping in with all the organization he's done to date to bring in sponsorships, free beer and raffles. Still, it seems it risks losing the original flavor and becoming something I'm not so sure I'm interested in. I am still inclined to attend, but also have another idea.


It seems there are plenty of us out there that have kids who like to climb. How does the idea of a rope up for kids sound. Same idea as original rope up, but focused on less beer and more climbing. It would be a great opportunity for parents with kids to meet and form friendships for future climbing outings with kids. For me it seems like when I drag my kid out, he'd often have more fun if it weren't just daddy to climb with. I have talked with other people with kids about getting together, but it just doesn't seem to happen spontaneously. It could be the same weekend but a different campground for obvious reasons or a different weekend altogether so it wouldn't be a conflict at all for those who'd like to do both. This could even expand into something that works for those of us who have spouses who only dabble in climbing and wouldn't mind getting out on the rock too.


Lets hear who's interested!

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put me in on this one. it is a good idea Dave.

11-worth-less seems best to me too, fits most family sensibilities (read: easy access to all levels of comfort).


on the organizational side i would be glad to do some advance work to get it going. have found (on past endeavers) that low stress and simplicity is the way to go. solicits some good suggestions: snag some camp sites and then see who can show. once people are there then make some calls on what to do.


Dave call me and we will just get the ball rolling.


who is up for this in the next few weeks? I am open any weekend from august 16th - into mid sept. cantfocus.gif



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David_Parker said:

I was pretty much thinking 11-worth. Good campgrounds, easy access to plenty of top-roping. Mazama works because I have a place for everyone, but not so many options for kids to climb.

I think that is an awesome idea. thumbs_up.gif We need more family oriented stuff in the climbing world. I think L-town would be a good place. The campgrounds are big enough to accomodate and plenty of space for the little ones to run around & connect.

Open weekends will be a problem. Any suggestions. confused.gif

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Bug said:

ChrisT said:

Great idea! I'm in with my two big kids as well. When were you thinking exactly?


How does Sept 6&7 work for everybody?


This weekend is good for us. Plus my son, Max, who is 15 is really good with the little ones. So bring your 3 year olds and we'll take turns entertaining them should the rock fail. smile.gif

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This sounds like a great idea. My son is about to turn seven and enjoys going to the VC gym occasionally. He's not super into climbing though. He's usually swinging from the rope rather than climbing after about 20 minutes. I'll keep an eye on this thread and see if we can make it, whatever date you settle on.

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OK. I propose we reserve the group site at Bridge Creek for the 5,6,7th of September for the kid's ropeup. We could also do another one later since we don't have to arrange a keg or raffle. I would probably do another one if it were a couple weeks later. I will also be taking my girls (5 and 7) to the full moon ropeup.

I will bring kid things like light sticks and candy for my girls to hand out to "break the ice".

Since there have been no negative responses, I will call Leavenworth tomorrow, Tues, Aug 5 to reserve a site. fruit.gif

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the weekend of Sept 6th sounds fine with me also. cool.gif


thanks Bug for taking the initative for setting this date.


is there anything i can do to help on reserving a campsites? send me a PM if there is.


we should have a blast.


MaryL - glad to hear it but i also have a 12 yo girl. somewhat of a mischief maker, she is. cantfocus.gif they will be off causing trouble in no time.



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