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  1. kitten


    don't believe everything you read - she doesn't have on a damn thing but that red dress. that is probably the reason for a stupid grin
  2. Iain, are you my shadow or something? Like the wallpaper sticks to the wall Like the seashore clings to the sea Like you'll never get rid of your shadow You'll never get rid of me Do you have that sneaking suspicion that some one is stalking you?
  3. kitten

    Joke Time

    oops i'd be caught again
  4. kitten


    do ya think she has any on?
  5. you have lost more than your girlfriend
  6. kitten

    meet Muffy

    cool. been awhile since I've been out - see you there.
  7. kitten

    Joke Time

    Damit. I hear all sorts of jokes and can't remember a flippin' one. Not much good at telling 'em either, but I can listen and laugh witcha!
  8. hey I take that personally! Hope you're having a great winter!
  9. kitten


    he must be on the top of his game! thongs are the only way to go - the smaller the better
  10. kitten

    Speaking of Shit

    it seems like a waste of time to spend in the bathroom
  11. at least we know what to expect from you - don't confuse us and do not change a thing.
  12. you are a sick fuck... Only a man would believe all are interested in knowing his daily visits to a rest room. You got spray to help the fellow employees with your stank?
  13. kitten

    For Trask..

    yo boy - you makin' fun
  14. kitten

    For Trask..

    Oh thinker - I can see why that reminded you of trask.
  15. kitten

    Banned Cartoons

    Please trask - you are only angry because I have rejected you so many times. You have to use your cheap ways to get the cheap women. I enjoy getting laid under the moonlight, in the bushes, and with plenty of candles around. Also in the sunshine, by the water, and where ever it suites my fancy. If this makes me a witch - then at least I could say that "I am getting laid" - unlike your sorry ass. You don't have the tan or boat to draw women from there docks.
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