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Yeah, being an old fart tightwad I've got all that stuff still: foxheads, hexes (including some of the non-hexcentric) slung on perlon and 1" tube, Chouinard stoppers ver. 1.0 (does anyone else still think in old stopper sizes, complete with half sizes?). I used to have something called a Nychock, sort of like a hex but made from round black nylon stock and slung with 1" tube. It was essentially useless, but there was one particular place it was perfect at the crag I started climbing at. There's also an old smc camlock on the battered biner of old wireds that sleep in the attic.

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Haven't heard anyone mention saddlewedges. I have 3 of those. Also have a few wart hogs. I learned to ice climb on snargs and have a few other pound-ins by Salwea. Also, have smc camlocks, an "amigo" made in mexico, old chouinard ice screws, homemade ratchet for same, and some older hexes slung with wicked old perlon. It's all at the bottom of my climbing trunk "in case I ever need it!"

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Those boots are awesome!! What did you climb in them, and how were they?


By the way, I'm looking for an old wooden ice axe to go with an old fiber climbing rope I have. Its just for casual living room display, so it doesn't need to be too special. Do you have you anything you could part with?

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