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  1. [TR] Three Queens - SE Shoulder 10/21/2018

    does indeed look like manzanita
  2. Thank you. I now remember this event; I am sorry to ask you to revisit what must have (and still is) a painful time. But I did read a bit more about TJ and wish I had known him.
  3. Yes- looks like first class suffering, especially in only 3 days. Thank you for sharing this. Please remind us about your friend whose picture is in the register.
  4. [TR] Graybeard - South gully 05/20/2018

    Nice. Thanks for reposting the pictures... Remind me what time of year you were up there.
  5. [TR] Graybeard - South gully 05/20/2018

    Is it true the rock isn't anything to write home about?
  6. [TR] Graybeard - South gully 05/20/2018

    Wow- excellent TR and pix. Really love that shot showing Agnes. I recall your TR on that one from years ago. Am considering that sufferfest for later this summer...
  7. Outstanding. Thanks for posting the link.
  8. Shuksan/Fisher Chimneys question

    When we did this many, many years ago, I don't recall needing (or bringing) any rock pro; it's just 3rd class. Up above, if the 'shrund on top of Curtis Glacier is covered up, you'll only find kinda steep snow. We were there in early Aug and had to climb down into the melted-out shrund and then up the other side with only long ice axes and standard crampons (not really recommended). Guess you could take pickets but if you're reasonably competent on snow, you probably don't really need 'em.
  9. Immediate Rescue Help

    I've climbed at PRG with him and also talked with him about his music. Very concerned at this point; let's hope we hear something positive soon.
  10. Fred's Wiki listing

    Just looking around to remind myself of how old Fred will be on his next birthday (93, acc to Wiki). And, down a bit in the listing, is this amusing link: See also-- Snafflehound
  11. Beacon

    Another vote for the DMMs
  12. Washington Pass conditions?

  13. Thanks for the TR. We ran last year in early Aug and flew in to Indian Creek (Boundary Gauge at about 1.5'). Curious what your gauge level was for this trip. Tappan looks bony!!
  14. Beacon

    Great story- glad justice was served. Growing up in HR, I recall many times when we were parked in that lot after dark with no consequences. Honestly don't know when the Heat got so sensitive. As far as the night-time annual pass idea, seems quite reasonable. I think the thing should be all black- a la Spinal Tap's 'Smell the Glove'.
  15. Snowshoe routes on CC.com?

    Small edit- think you meant Dan Nelson as author of that book. Jim is a skier more than a snowshoer.