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  1. climbing mag purge

    starting to clear out shelves for planned move. Rock & Ice Issues 43-146 (May 91-Dec '05), plus a few random issues. Climbing Mag - random issues between #115 and 198 (Aug 89-Nov '00) (about 33 issues total) Make offer - bidding opens at 2 six-packs. They will be provided in a complimentary cardboard box - no extra charge!
  2. climbing mag purge

    Sounds like a good option - I have some other mags that I'm trying to purge, too. PM me info for shipping them out.
  3. Won a copy of 'Weekend Rock' - have plenty of guidebooks.... Weekend Rock - $10. Will mail for $5 PM me for Paypal or contact info. thanks.
  4. What do you ride?

    got yer loud pipe right here... Stebel Nautilus air horn - 138 db
  5. What do you ride?

    Triumph Sprint RS
  6. rideshare to Smith?

    looking to leave early Friday AM. Any takers?
  7. Rrrrrr's

    Someone be pillaging R's in Indiana
  8. best of cc.com photos of Really Big Housecats

    June 22 was an especially good kill. You just don't mess with big ol' orange tomcats. old news
  9. God Hates Us All

    I hooked up with a Wiccan bellydancer last weekend - does that count?
  10. fastest route to Skaha?

    What's the fastest route to the BC desert from Seattle? I've always gone 2 to 97 north, but I remember someone offering up an alternate route that shaved time off. Couldn't find it with my lame search skills. Thanks.
  11. FS: Skaha guidebook

    I have a spare copy of the current (2003) Skaha guidebook (lost, then found my original copy). $15 takes it.
  12. Potter Climbs Delicate Arch

    AFund press release
  13. Potter Climbs Delicate Arch

    Regarding public perception and impact- email from a friend this AM on the topic - not public land, but a similar potential result.
  14. Potter Climbs Delicate Arch

    Well said, so I just dropped an email to Access Fund requesting that they state their opinion regarding climbers breaking regs on public lands. Oh yeah, I threw "Yank his sponsorship!" grenades at Patagucci and FiveTen, too. I'm not that enlightened.
  15. Your paranoid political post du jour

    Libertarian Cato Institute slams Bush's Constitutional record From the summary:
  16. SR 20 Washington Pass Opens Monday

    Woot! SeaTimes
  17. Where are last weekend's TRs?

    Purchased two-wheeled self-medication. TR's to come after I throw new rubber on it.
  18. More Evidence That KISM SUCKS

    What Would Judas Do?
  19. Your moment of Internet Zen

    http://www.questionswap.com Ask an anonymous question, get a question to answer in return. Asked a couple of pointless questions (why does my cat attack the corner of a room?), answered a couple in return (should I make zombie music video?). 'Pop!' a new question. q: "If you could choose the terms of your own death, on the sole condition that it would happen on sunday April 9th, 2006, what would they be?" fukking A. That's my birthday.
  20. Your moment of Internet Zen

    I'm typing away from my mother's womb as we speak. It's a bit uncomfortable for her and all, but with the wireless and her Scientology training, she is bearing it in silence.
  21. Chevy Apprentice

    How do you get the link to post up after you have created your work of art?
  22. The Dude Abides

    "Hey, nice marmot!"
  23. Steven Seagal ROCKS!!!1!1!1

    Hey Chuck N. - roundhouse this...