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[TR] Pickets - Northern Pickets Traverse 8/7/2017


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Did you take the ridge from Luna to Fury or did you drop down the side? It was mostly bare rock when I did it.

I dropped down, crossed the snowfield, and climbed the rock rib before Fury's SE glacier. I didn't know if the ridge went, and I knew from last year that this route is pretty fast.

Equally impressive are the amounts of cliff bars and pop tarts consumed during such an ordeal.

It was somewhere around 6500 calories, which is only a bit over 200 cal/hr for my upper time estimate of 30 hours. I ended up with 1 pack of pop-tarts left over, so the food was just about right.

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What kind of traction do you use for this madness?

I carried a pair of Kahtoola K-10 crampons, which work for steep-ish snow and low-angle ice. I ended up not needing them, but could have if the route down the Challenger Glacier had been trickier. They're one of my favorite pieces of gear, since they allow me to get away without wearing mountain boots on a lot of outings (Goode, Logan, Shuksan, etc.).

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I think the whole thing is about 60 miles, with 17 to the Access Creek turnoff and 20-21 (?) back from Beaver Pass. It's about 48-50 miles round-trip to do East Fury via Access Creek. Given that it's over 10k elevation gain round-trip to either end, I would guess 15k or so of elevation gain, but that will vary a lot based on route-finding. I wish I hadn't turned off my GPS, but I thought I might need every bit of spare battery.

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