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  1. What a treat to wander in here and find this! Rogers Pass is one of my favorite places for summer scrambling, and is on my bucket list for skiing. The Sierra are too good to pass up this year, but I've gotta make a future Selkirks trip a priority.
  2. Ugh, yet another junk fee that goes mostly to Booz Allen Hamilton. Clearly the only option is to run up and down Adams as fast as possible. 😉
  3. I had to check, but that was only last year -- how time flies! I enjoyed meeting you, a legend in your own right for your dedication to exploring interesting corners of the Cascades, whether famous or obscure. There was no shame intended; we all like what we like, as illustrated by my unusual affection for the north ridge of Johannesburg. Maybe I was just feeling off that day, or maybe the traverse from Larrabee wore my patience down, but... dang. That was a whole lot of dinner plates held together with mud.
  4. I'm with my fellow Sean -- what's wrong with you, man?! I like to think I'm a decent chossineer, but even before thrashing back home through the valley to the west, I knew ABP was one for the "never again" bin. I had hoped to do CBP on the same outing, but ABP beat me down. Good to know that those Canadian logging roads are cruiser if I come back for it from the Great White North.
  5. Thanks for the TR, bringing back memories of one of my earliest Cascades adventures. Between the high start and the Sibley Ridge heather knife-edge, The Triad has a very high reward-to-effort ratio, even if you skip the Lesser Dicks.
  6. What an incredible achievement, and in the best style! I firmly believe from my experience, and try to convey in my writing, that mountaineering is a smooth slope that can be climbed from hiking to... wherever your drive, time, and resources take you. I also believe that many famous mountains have built up intimidating auras that need to be dispelled, with the process of climbing them related back to normal people's experiences. This trip, and the ones building up to it, demonstrate both in spades.
  7. It was a pleasure to meet you in person and climb with you, Kyle. This was one of the highlights of my trip this summer, even with the rude French dude at the Cosmiques hut.
  8. Zion sandstone in particular is kinda sketchy for scrambling -- grittier and more rounded than Red Rocks. The view from West Temple are worth it, though:
  9. Way to push through and tag South Hozomeen, @JasonG and @therunningdog! One of these years I'll have to get up there when Canada is not on fire to nab that, plus whatever else is reachable from that long trailhead drive. I'm definitely a bit wiser in interpreting Beckey beta approach descriptions than I was before...
  10. I believe it is Hozomeen SW and Lake from somewhere unpleasant, with Jack and the Nohokomeen Glacier barely visible through the smoke. One of the views from a minor epic fail among the Hozomeens: http://www.drdirtbag.com/2017/08/04/hozomeen-the-hard-way-sw-and-n-peaks/
  11. Unfortunately the smoke followed me in from Canada, so the views were... somewhat limited:
  12. Sweet! Ever since doing Larrabee and American Border Peak last summer, I have been asking myself "where can I find more of that?"
  13. Finally saw this a couple of nights ago. Watching him pull that roof before the Stanley Headwall sequence, blindly sticking a tool into the ice and kicking his feet free, was mesmerizing. It was noticeable to me that he was never speed climbing, but always methodical, searching around for placements and footholds and testing them, but then supremely confident that they would hold. RIP.
  14. Here's a distant photo from August 22, 1999: The left upper couloir above the King Glacier looks dry then, too, but it's hard to tell. Klenke posted a bunch of cool old photos on that page, including this dizzying shot down from the summit:
  15. Wow! Now I feel slightly bad for not bringing back the axe. The fire apparently exterminated the devil's club, as I found very little either in the burned area or above it. I'll bet the gully where I found the worst choss was filled with snow when you climbed it. I'd love to see some photos from your climb if they exist.
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