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  1. Its not obvious to anyone on here that you have pics. Post them.
  2. Electric Trike

    That looks pretty badass. $6500 doesnt seem that bad to me.
  3. Beginner Tele Spots?

    I agree with Max. Spend some time on the lifts. Spring for a lesson--dont be a cheap ass. You will gain more from one day lift-served and one lesson than you will a whole season on your own in the backcountry.
  4. Tilly Jane A-Frame on Mt. Hood

    The nordic club has managed it for years but the fee and restricted use were never part of the deal in the past. As early as 5 years ago I was told by the person I spoke to at the nordic club that even though our group had reserved it we could not turn anyone away. I have many fond memories of meeting new friends, sharing beverages and swapping stories in that place en route to skiing or climbing on the north side. This blows.
  5. Tom "The Hammer" Delay on his way to prison

    He's a long ways from seeing the inside of a prison cell.
  6. Tilly Jane A-Frame on Mt. Hood

    Wow--when did this change?
  7. Blackout in a can

    J_B is to Prole as Mel Gibson is to Oksana Grigorieva
  8. best of cc.com photos of Really Big Housecats

    Was that a video from your birthday party?
  9. caption please

    I left my keys in here somewhere--someone hand me a flashlight.
  10. Not all cultures are equal

    You associate a Persian as being from Pakistan and Carl's the one on the pipe?
  11. Touring packs

    The revelation will not carry a board. It does, however, have the neoprene hydration tube slot and carries my BCA shovel just fine. I think REI's pack selection sucks when it comes down to technical backcountry packs. Your profile doesnt indicate where you are or someone might be able to offer up some advice on places to check out.
  12. snow sticking to skins

    Also, put your skins in your jacket after removal to help dry them out a bit between runs
  13. Touring packs

    I'm not big on the avalung packs--seems a bit gimmicky and could possibly inspire sketchy behavior where you may normally err on the side of caution. To each their own though. I have a BD revelation pack and its been, hands down, my favorite day-touring ski pack I have ever had. Its 30L, slim and fits tight to my body. I've never had a problem with it shifting around or anything. Packs are so user-specific though that you really need to just go test a bunch until you find what you want.
  14. Book help needed

    Melissa-- Sandy Headwall is a less-traveled route on the west side of hood that some ski/board down after ascending. A fall here can result in a long slide. Iain can offer some insights into this. The scenario you describe involving the stuck snowboarders is similar to what happened with a group of students from the Oregon Episcopal School back in the 80s (I may have the date wrong). One of the worst "accidents" on hood ever. You could have your snowboarders leaving the top of the Palmer and booting over towards Illumination rock for a long ride down, get socked in by poor visibility and go for it anyway (no compass or GPS), only to make the fatal flaw of following the fall line down over the Mississippi headwall. This, in fact, does happen on Hood. Good luck!
  15. Wore too thin of a sock when trying them on and tried making them work but they are just too damn uncomfortable. I normally wear an 11.5 They have been up the west ridge of Mt. Stuart and a few low-grade scrambles before being retired to the gear closet. Lots of life left in these--the sole and uppers are all in good condition. $45 obo plus shipping. I am in Portland if someone wants to do a face to face transaction. Will consider inventive trades. Crappy iphone pics:
  16. Lightly Used Scarpa Zen 44.5/11

    Still available
  17. Fucked up bathroom

    Sounds like trauma counseling is in order
  18. Biggest Sprayer?

    and you have video of it
  19. Socialism and The World Cup

    The execs of BP could care less that they're tanking -- they already have fat wallets, and the notion of the corporation protects them from personal liability. The people who will suffer are the BP employees and the folks who have invested in BP. No doubt the BP execs will find jobs at other corporations -- these other corps are looking to take advantage of a short-term profit at expense of the common good. Not saying that it's right or wrong -- just that it's reality. Is this supposed to be some sort of revelation or a half-assed rant? Familiar with the Ford Pinto?
  20. Happy Birthday Off!!!

    A beer on me next time you are in Portland. Going to any shows?
  21. Timberline Toilet Poll

    hasnt this already been covered by Pete a few months back? Its always locked when I am there. I dont even bother trying anymore. I piss in the parking lot.
  22. Skiing Cascade Volcanoes

    It wasnt open as of last weekend.
  23. STITCHES ARE OUT!!! w00t w00t!!

    Show me how much you can bench press
  24. Warming in Al Gore's room

    Readers can figure it out for themselves--it seems you are the "blowhard."