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  1. WTB: Boots, Size 14

    Boots found. Thx
  2. WTB: Boots, Size 14

    Well my feet grew another size, so I need new boots again. I'm looking for size 14 (48 euro?) mountaineering boots in any usable condition, cheaper the better. Only planning one or two glacier engagements this season, but currently only have trail runners that fit. If you have big old boots with some life left in em, let me know! PM or downwithsatoriATyahooDOTcom
  3. Cheap Tele set up

    Bump. Get this stuff outta my 400sq ft house.
  4. Cheap Tele set up

    Scarpa Boots, size 12. They were rentals at Baker (so i was told, they have the size marked on the back), bought em used. Soles look brand new. Atomic "beta TM 18", 190cm, some scratches and scuffs on top but bases are nice. Rottefella bindings in good shape. $75 for the lot, or if you want just the boots or skis make an offer. Would like to sell together. I'm in burlington, can meet up within reasonable distance. Please email at downwithsatoriATyahooDOTcom
  5. Leavenworth Scrambles?

    Thanks alot folks, that gives me something to go on. Btw, the people in the lower right of Piston's photo look like toy soldiers.
  6. Leavenworth Scrambles?

    I just happen to be eating scrambled eggs at the moment, and it made me laugh. Anyway, I will be camping in Leavenworth with the wife for a week, and would like to introduce her to some easy/moderate scrambles. I don't know the area well and would like to know if anyone had some thoughts or a guidebook to recommend. I am mostly looking for done in a day endevours (because of the permit lottery thing). Help me move the spouse into class 3! Thanks
  7. Partner needed for a moderate grade 2 or 3

    Ed- email me with what you have in mind. Fairly open schedule. downwithsatoriATyahooDOTcom
  8. I have a pair of La Sportiva Trango S Evo Gtx (what a name!) in size 46 (US mens size 12.5, or so it states). They are red, and in excellent condition, used for a total of 7 days, all glacier, no rock. They are really light and very comfortable. They have a little dirt on em, but otherwise look brand new. I've outgrown them, and need something bigger. I paid 300 for them, and a quick look on amazon tells me they are still roughly that brand new. Looking for $200 obo, delivered/met somewhere near bellingham, Mt. Vernon, etc. Feel free to shoot me an offer, as I can't even wear them any more and could use some cash to put toward a new pair. Please contact me via email, downwithsatoriATyahooDOTcom
  9. Snowshoe climbs?

    Honestly, anything. Sauk Mt, Hidden Lake, Pilchuck, whatever. I generally like to avoid snowmobiles, but beyond that I'm not picky. It doesn't really have to be a summit either, I'm down just to get out.
  10. Snowshoe climbs?

    Not confident on skis yet, but would love to get out on snowshoes. Anything large or small, including boring slogs. Anything to get out! Have every other fri-wed off so my schedule is pretty open. Pm or downwithsatori(AT)yahoo(DOT)com
  11. Beginner Tele Spots?

    after talking to a couple people at Baker (the first of which admitted to not even working there and hung up after 5 solid minutes of WTF conversation) it sounds like I'll be able to get a lesson there. Snoqualmie is a bit far but they have killer prices (160 bucks for 6 weeks). And i sent ya a pm shapp
  12. I know it sounds stupid, but I made mine out of duct tape on advice from an old crusty dude on baker, and they work perfectly. Good free fix.
  13. Beginner Tele Spots?

    Wanting to get into tele this season, got some mad cheap gear online. As someone with plenty of snowboard experience and NO skiing experience, I'm looking for an area to learn to turn in. Although I'm not at all above getting lessons, there doesn't seem to be anyone who offers tele lessons. I would just rather not head up to baker and get in everyones way. Anyone know a good low angle spot that I could work out the movements in? Strong hiker with good partner. Thanks!
  14. Skagit County SAR, looking for members.

    Plus, if you join, you may get to meet the elusive Islee (pronounced "Eye Lee"), who was born out of the same volcano as Chuck Norris.